I’m Working Out and You? @Syleena_Johnson Wants to Make Moms SWEAT at Extreme Boot Camp Feb 2nd!

January 9, 2013 Comments Off on I’m Working Out and You? @Syleena_Johnson Wants to Make Moms SWEAT at Extreme Boot Camp Feb 2nd!
I’m Working Out and You? @Syleena_Johnson Wants to Make Moms SWEAT at Extreme Boot Camp Feb 2nd!


I’m not playing. I’m getting in position. The fat is coming off and the game face is on.

Y’all think I’m playing? You won’t when I bust out in my swimsuit showcasing all my sexiness this summer.

Just watch me.


Getting healthy is NOT a game. Say what you want, but fat is not cute. There is no excuse for it and I’m not gonna fill my head with the “accept-how-you-look” nonsense. Nope. That’s a cop-out for fat folks who can’t keep their mouths under control.

I’m going hard because frankly, I don’t want diabetes and on October 19th 2012 my doctor told me that I’m PRE-diabetic. That’s a day I will never forget. I’m lucky. I’m not diabetic…YET and I’ve got time and a chance to reverse the numbers and do better and GET MY LIFE.

Like I said before, it’s NOT a game. I’ve already started on a healthy life path by making better choices, incorporating more veggies into my life and keeping away from the cupcakes. (Y’all know that’s my weakness). And I exercise because I want to get fit and get a body like Beyonce. Yes I said Beyonce. Have you seen the new GQ cover? I have something to aspire to!!

And if you are serious about getting fit too, join me on Feb. 2nd as Grammy nominated R&B diva Syleena Johnson sets out to make Moms like me SWEAT during her Mommies Who Sweat Extreme Boot Camp! No pain, no gain ladies! Sign up info is below. I am looking forward to the event. But more importantly, I am syleenalooking forward to my on-going results! Get fit!! SIGN UP HERE…


Grammy Nominated R&B Diva

Syleena Johnson 


Mommy’s Who SWEAT: Extreme BOOT CAMP!

& Health and Fitness Fair!

Nurses on hand to take your vitals, weigh you and check your blood pressure! A nutrition class and an a REAL drill Seargant to put you to work!

This will be Atlanta’s LARGEST BOOT CAMP & Health FAIR EVER!!!! 

Sign UP NOW!



Syleena Johnson will release her highly anticipated fitness DVD, Mommy’s Got Soul, in 2013 and is ready to help you reach your fitness goals and ability.

 Are you ready to SWEAT?? 

SWEAT to your favorite soul music!!!

Boxing, Aerobics, Yoga, SWEAT Parties, Strength Training!


  • She-LEAN Entertainment
  • SWEAT Fitness/The SWEAT Party
  •  Surayyah Tatum Public Relations
  • Infinite Spin
  • DYG Management Group
  • Finesse Media, LLC
  • Metro Fitness:
Check out Syleena Johnson’s upcoming dates: www.syleenamusic.com 


  • All Campers must sign a waiver at registration.
  • Campers must wear adequate gym attire appropriate for all levels and types of boot camp classes. Gym shoes only!!!!
  • No children are allowed at this boot camp. Next boot camp we will have accommodations and or camp room for children
  • All campers must be 18 or older. Men are encouraged to join as well
  • Lunch will be held at noon and will be available in facility. Since this a free event, you will be able to purchase healthy food from the vendors involved.
  •  Possible Vendors: Subway, Whole foods, Vito coconut water, Healthy Initiatives.
  •  Nursing first will bring nurses to take vitals and calculate complimentary BMI scores.
  •  Sweat party will have spa service available for massage, conditions to be determined.

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