Actress @ReaganGomez is connecting with fans through her Indiegogo campaign for Almost Home

February 16, 2013 Comments Off on Actress @ReaganGomez is connecting with fans through her Indiegogo campaign for Almost Home
Actress @ReaganGomez is connecting with fans through her Indiegogo campaign for Almost Home

She’s a social media socialite, mommy vlogger and a celebrity who has transitioned from in front of the screen to behind the scene as executive producer of the webseries Almost Home. Actress Reagan Gomez-Preston is real.

In a world where the fake Real Housewives is a series that sets the tone on how to be a snob, the former Parenthood star, Reagan is a down-to-earth mom who works hard just like the rest of us trying to do her own thing and make her mark (again) in Hollywood. And honey, it ain’t easy. She is a writer and executive producer of Almost Home.

Reagan has created an Indigogo campaign to raise money for her webseries and she’s keeping it real. She recorded a video championing for her cause and you can see her shake her piggy bank, (because money is hard to come by for everybody) she playfully gets caught in her closet painting red fingernail polish on the bottom of her heels (cause buying Loubies when you got kiddies is not a working mommy’s reality) and she pretends to call up her Hollywood friends who truthfully are far and few and in-between.reagan

I can SO relate to Reagan for being real and I LOVED the video so much that I contributed just a few bucks, $25 to help out the campaign. Hey, something is better than nothing. And as a woman who has to beg for money for my non-profit Atlanta Diaper Relief, I know how difficult it is to get people to donate $1. It’s HARD out here for a… PRINCESS!

But here’s the thing. Why is it that celebrities don’t help out fellow celebrities. Something tells me that Hollywood is about more fakery than anything. And it shouldn’t be that way. Someone should step up and help Reagan fund Almost Home. There are enough millionaires in the mix who could give a hard-working, honest, DRUG-FREE woman a chance to get this series on the air! To heck with the internet! (All those dang-on chances Lindsey Lohan got?!? Really?)

So anyway, we’re not going to wait for a Hollywood mover and shaker to become suddenly charitable. Reagan needs all of us to dig deep and contribute a little sumthin, sumthin. But here’s the fun thing. I saved the BEST for last.

I donated and got a chance to SKYPE with REAGAN and QUEEN, one of the stars of Almost Home. IT WAS FUN! I felt like I was talking to two of my longtime girlfriends!! Now that was a perk worth donating for! I am going to have to donate weekly because ya’ll know I just did a blog post saying I have no friends here in Atlanta so Skyping with them will fill that void. (Stalker alert!) LOL!

OK Kidding. (Maybe Not) No, really, (I play too much) Donate and Skype with Reagan and come back here and tell me all about it. I double-dare ya!

The show Almost Home is about Lisa (Reagan) and her younger brother DeJuan. They leave Chicago after the death of their mother and move to sunny LA. Reagan’s character becomes a stylist and DeJuan pursues his singing career. The fashion and original music set this show apart. Lisa’s crazy ex-fiance also shows up to LA unexpectedly, and drama ensues. With the death of their mother, Lisa and DeJuan are both forced to make changes in their lives and face their fears while keeping their family together.

Sounds JUICY! Whew! Check it out below. Her goal is $25,000. Come on people! Every dollar gets her closer! Good luck Reagan! Anything I can do let me know. I will continue to support you! xoxo!


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