Facebook brings out the Crazy, Bitter and Bitchy! I wish people would strive to be BETTER.

February 27, 2013 4 Comments »
Facebook brings out the Crazy, Bitter and Bitchy! I wish people would strive to be BETTER.

Hello all! I think I have finally had enough of Facebook.

No, no, I take that back. I have finally had enough of the PEOPLE on Facebook!

You know, the bitchy, sad, evil, unhappy-with-their-lives whiners who use Facebook and the Internet to spew their sappy messages all over my happy medium.
I understand that times are hard for folks, but bitching about it and being publicly mean and evil about your issues will not solve a thing.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to be BETTER than they are? And this message extends to the bitter bloggers that I have been coming across too. I know for a fact that I am not the only blogger tired of the bitter bloggers. You know who they are. They’re mad because they didn’t get invited to an event. They’re mad because no one visits their blog. They’re mad because they can’t figure out how to get the attention of PR reps like you. I even met a blogger who was mad because she didn’t rank at the top of Google as a top Atlanta blogger. Get a life girl!

Why are there so many evil, bitter people out there who spew their evilness and negativity everywhere.

I’m sick of it. Just SICK and tired.

I truly try to live my life everyday giving back to others and helping people progress. I never, EVER talk about the people I serve because it’s unfair and just plain wrong. Yet I see some people who have no filter and talk about any and everybody on Facebook. Really? That’s sickening to me. Whatever happened to calling people up to tell them you have an issue with them? Oh yeah – Facebook was invented. A new medium to create MESS.

If you find yourself ranting every single frickin’ day on facebook, I’ve got a few choice words for you… you are probably bi-polar and need psychological help. And guess what, you probably already KNOW you need it. The thing is, now WE all know it.

I just had to write this post because well I am tired of all the hate. Not all necessarily toward me. But let me tell you about it. For one, the hate from other bloggers because my blog is becoming increasingly popular. Are they mad because I’m getting more pageviews? Mad maybe because I’m ranking better on Alexa? Is it because companies want to work more with me than you? Well guess what, I work hard, hustle hard and nothing comes easy. If I’m smarter than you, a better writer than you and frankly overall just better at what I do than you, then why don’t you learn from the best INSTEAD of being BITTER! Have a seat.

I have had bloggers leave negative comments and even say negative things on Facebook trying to bring me down. One blogger even tried to play it off as a joke. But how do you say something negative and try to turn it nice? Anyway it’s funny because this blogger is known as a bully and another business person asked me about this blogger and told me about an awful experience she had with that blogger. And it’s known she bullies companies, writing negative reviews about them and not giving them a chance to respond. I hate bullies. Especially grown adult ones.

Even last week a friend of mine, award winning blogger Denene Millner over at MyBrownBaby.com had to deal with a barrage of nasty negative comments on her blog after she wrote a post about a 60-year-old white man who slapped a black baby on an airplane and called the baby the N-word. Denene is undoubtedly one of the best writers I’ve ever read and a very strong sista. And I have never seen her so sad and express so much dismay about what she had been dealing with on her site. That really saddened me. 

There are just too many plain old bitter people. *sigh*  I have just come to the conclusion that some people are mean and ruthless and you just can’t entertain them. So I won’t ever help them or bother with them again; not personally or business-wise. I don’t want to be associated with mean, evil people who have a brick as a heart. And especially backstabbers who smile in your face but talk about you behind your back- oops I meant talk about you openly on Facebook because people don’t have enough respect to talk about you in private anymore.

I pray that people read this post and get it together if this applies to you. And you know if it does.. Stop being bitter, mean and evil. No matter how hard times are for you there is someone out there living in a car, in a box, on the street and digging out of the trash for food. Someone was told they have terminal cancer today. Someone is dying of AIDS. Someone is standing on a curb while the bank throws out all of their belongings and is foreclosing on their home. Someone’s baby was born today with severe defects. Someone’s mother or child died tragically.

Get over yourself and your temporary issues and be thankful for the house, car, business and family that you have!

My advice is:

  • Help people from the heart or don’t help at all.
  • Be happy for others and trust that your blessing is on the way.
  • And if you ask for advice, be ready to take it and put in the work or don’t bother BOTHERING people.
  • And if you’ve got an issue, call up your mom and gossip to her or write about it on your blog! That’s what this medium is for!
  • And if you see people happy on Facebook, STOP HATING! That is their life! Get over it!

And do me a favor, try sending sweet, nice messages on Facebook for a full week. Sometimes I hate logging on because I know the bitter, evil person is BOUND to say something negative that day. No one wants to hear that. And just know everyone who is smiling and laughing at your posts are likely laughing at you too.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Have a HAPPY day.    

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  1. Courtney February 27, 2013 at 9:40 am -

    It’s my opinion that my FB page is my page and for those who don’t like or appreciate my posts can always remove themselves. I, too, serve the public and sometimes, that can drive you to a rant posting on FB! My page is private and I never accept my clients as friends on my personal page. Now if somebody is blatantly disrespectful, that’s one thing, I guess, but it’s still their page, where they are free to post what they want and you are free to “unfriend”. I just say, let the person whose page is rant-free speak now or forever hold your peace!

    I rant on my page, but I also know that I post funny, or helpful, or just day-to-day stuff on my page. I don’t think that makes me bi-polar. I just say remove yourself from the pages you don’t like. Even with all the FB changes, that option has never been unavailable!

  2. cincomom February 27, 2013 at 9:57 am -

    I think some people take their rants too far. personal attacks against people even if names are not mentioned, sometimes has hurtful and lasting effects. And I don’t necessary think authority figures should take it too far. Or even talk about people they deal with or service. I know as a business person I never, ever, ever talk about my clients, unless it’s positive. No matter what they say or do or put me through I never talk about them publicly unless it’s positive. If I did that people would view my business negatively. They might not say it but trust me they would. I think we all should have a line that we absolutely should not cross no matter what. For instance, my husband and I have a pact that no matter what I never talk about him negatively on facebook and vice-versa. So all people will ever hear is positive stuff or nothing at all. Well truthfully we have a good relationship so there’s nothing negative to say, but the point is we draw lines. We all rant. It’s a natural, normal human thing to do. And a lot of times it’s funny. But some people call themselves ranting and really make hard, hateful digs at people. And that’s not funny or nice. Just my two-cents. People are going to do what they want. But i am no one if I don’t at least try to encourage people to just TRY to be a little better every day and NOT hurt others along the way. 🙂

  3. Katherine G February 28, 2013 at 8:22 am -

    I think you said it well. I think people need to realize that there is a time and a place for everything. I learned a long time ago that venting on facebook and then getting mad because it becomes a issue in real life is not the best choice. I have been called fake because all I really do is post nice stuff on my facebook page. Now if I am a bad day I might say I am having a bad day I will never ever go into a full rant. First I have too much respect for myself and my family. It is kind of annoying seeing people go into a full rant on fb. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered what doing it that way helps. I think you wrote a great post and said what most people are thinking but won’t say.

  4. cincomom February 28, 2013 at 10:59 am -

    Thank you Katherine! I learned too and will not use Facebook to rant. That’s what my blog is for! lol