Our Fabulous and much-needed Orlando vacation #WW

February 27, 2013 Comments Off on Our Fabulous and much-needed Orlando vacation #WW
Our Fabulous and much-needed Orlando vacation #WW

I needed a vacation and I truly enjoyed my week in Orlando at the Calypso Cay Resort with my crew.

We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures and had an awesome time riding the virtual rides. My kids were awed by the 4-D adventures and movies like Shrek at Universal Studios. And the Harry Potter ride was simply amazing, although I got a big, fat headache afterward. And we walked so very much that we had to put my 6-year-old Milan in a wheelchair because her legs gave out! I ate like crazy and probably gained a good 10 pounds. And I was happy to have a full kitchen in our condo because I was able to cook and it cut down on how much we ate out. Ahhh, the good living. And I truly relaxed and chilled out like I so needed to do! And trust me it was hard because my email and phone kept blowing up! It is so hard to run a business and take time off. But I did!

Enjoy a few pics from our vacation adventure.



Southwest Orange-20130220-00269




Southwest Orange-20130220-00306


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