Paint your HEART out at Atlanta’s fun Pottery Playhouse @WiredandFired

February 10, 2013 Comments Off on Paint your HEART out at Atlanta’s fun Pottery Playhouse @WiredandFired
Paint your HEART out at Atlanta’s fun Pottery Playhouse @WiredandFired


If you’re a guy who stays in trouble because you just can’t get your Valentine’s Day gift right, then I suggest you step away from the dreaded Teddy Bear and grocery store flowers as gifts, and think about taking your wife out for a unique night to create a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime. And PAINTING could be in the picture!

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Atlanta’s #1 pottery playhouse Wired and Fired, owned by Erinn Grier, a friendly and welcoming woman who left the corporate world to venture into a less restrictive and much more fun job that requires her to work and PLAY. 


Erinn Grier, Owner of Wired and Fired

Meeting Erinn is like meeting up with an old friend. She’s very inviting and to play at her pottery playhouse she encourages you to bring in food, drinks or even wine and sit back and sip and stroke to your little heart’s content creating masterful pieces for yourself or a gift for a family member. Started in June 1996, Erinn has seen the business grow tremendously and moved the location to 1000 Marietta Street #104 NW, in Atlanta.

Wired and Fired is a Paint your Own Pottery Studio. It’s user-friendly for anyone so it doesn’t matter what your painting skill level is. You pick out your pottery, the paint is non-toxic and washes off your clothes (because you may get a bit on yourself.)


Wired and Fired is one of THE most unique places I’ve been to. It was quite therapeutic as I sat there for hours learning how to paint pottery. And there was so much to choose from. It gave me a whole new outlook on buying pottery from stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Why do that when I can create a piece that is truly unique to my needs. When you enter Wired and Fired, you are presented with a showcase of pottery pieces to choose from.IMG_20130131_114845

 There are heart-shaped boxes, glass dishes, piggy banks, owls, butterflies — you name it! Mugs, cups, figurines and just about anything you can think of to create a one-of-a-kind collection.









I chose to paint a platter and Erinn showed me all of the stencils and paint sponges that I could use to create a unique   IMG_20130131_134110piece. Even if you feel like you’re not a painter, because I’m certainly not, it’s easy to navigate and paint at Wired and Fired because there are oodles of tools to help you perfect your piece. You can be the worst painter in the world and leave Wired and Fired with a piece of painted pottery that will surprise even you!

Erinn walked me through the process. First I picked out my piece I wanted to paint: a platter. And then I chose my paints and paint colors.


My platter I decided to paint. Essentially my blank canvas!


The paints I chose to use to decorate. Red, blue, yellow, black and green









From there I had to layer my paints. Erin said that 3 coats would be needed to get the intensity of the colors I chose. I also had to think of how I would design my platter. There were lots of choices. I had the option to choose the various stencils and sponges and create various designs. But I kept it simple with a few of my kids favorite colors and I decided to write in their names on each of the four sides.


I painted the plate with my kids favorite colors


A work in progress









I etched in my kids names


Layer after layer goes on








After painting on the various layers I had to leave the platter at Wired and Fired to get glazed and FIRED!


And here’s the Pièce de résistance! Very near and dear to my heart!

My kids LOVE this special gift I made for Valentine’s Day! And what’s even more awesome is that this is a great place for kids to be creative and make something they will be super proud of! You can even have a pottery painting party and there is a room for parties and Erinn offers special group rates as well! I do plan on returning to Wired and Fired with my kids for a special pottery painting play date!

And right now Wired and Fired has a Valentine’s Day sale going on! Buy One Piece of Pottery in their Special Valentine Section and Get the Second One of Equal or Lesser Value Free. Available Friday, February 1st- Thursday, February 14th.

Visit and Follow @WiredandFired on Twitter!

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