Jo-Jo plays his first T-ball game and I see a BIG BOY emerge! @I9sports

March 25, 2013 Comments Off on Jo-Jo plays his first T-ball game and I see a BIG BOY emerge! @I9sports
Jo-Jo plays his first T-ball game and I see a BIG BOY emerge! @I9sports

I’m no sports mom and never so much even have watched a whole baseball game in its entirety. And although I have enough kids to probably form my own sports team, I never really thought I’d ever get into and enjoy watching a sporting event. That is until the day I saw my son, Rudolph, a.k.a “Jo-Jo”, play his FIRST T-ball game. 


Lord have mercy, the angels sang, the mountains moved and my heart swelled up with motherly joy watching my son, bumble and fumble around the baseball field with other 4-year-old first-timers trying so hard to play a game they barely knew how to maneuver. It was the proudest day of my life!


It was so much fun watching Jo-Jo play. I wasn’t even sure if he would play or act like a big ole’ baby. But I guess me thinking he would be a baby is because I was probably afraid he would be the big boy that he is. And Jo-Jo stepped up to the plate in more ways than one, and showed OUT! He was running the bases, hitting the ball and playing the game like he was a little pro. And mommy was oh-so-proud!



And my husband was a proud daddy too!


My son, plays for one of the best organized sports leagues for kids called I-9 Sports.

I9I love it because as parents I’m not required to do fundraisers or any of that mess that usually ties me down, overwhelms me and gets in the way. Kids practice before the game and then play. That’s it. And there’s no competition meaning there are NO losers! So no need for parents to be screaming at each other or the coaches on the field. I LOVE that! It’s a simple plan that has kids playing sports in a way that they will enjoy and not feel pressured. And thankfully as a busy mom I can simply take my kid there and not have to worry about a whole bunch of extra stuff. I definitely don’t have time for that!


I had NO idea I would get SO much joy from watching Jo-Jo play T-ball. And you better believe I will be front and center at every game cheering him on. As a matter of fact, I told my husband I want Jo-Jo signed up in EVERY sport I-9 offers EVERY SINGLE SEASON! Soccer, basketball, football — whatever they offer I want my son involved.

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It’s true that sports really develops kids is more ways than one. I have seen my son blossom into a big boy out on that field. Right now I am tearing up at the thought. It makes me feel so good knowing that I have found something that he loves. And for that I am thankful.

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