#BeastHunters KRE-O building set will keep kids constructing and creating! @HasbroNews #spon

April 7, 2013 Comments Off on #BeastHunters KRE-O building set will keep kids constructing and creating! @HasbroNews #spon
#BeastHunters KRE-O building set will keep kids constructing and creating! @HasbroNews #spon


This is the face of one happy boy who can’t read yet, but shouted out “KRE-O” when I opened a box and pulled out a Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw Strike Building set!


The expression on my son Jo-Jo’s face says it all. Even though the package is recommended for kids ages 6-12 years for play, my son is 4 and with the help of my husband worked to construct some of the fiercest villains from the Transformers lore.


My son actually made this one himself!

My son put together the Transformer piece he’s  holding.

The KRE-O Transformers Ripclaw Strike building set features Ripclaw, one of the Predacons released from the evil lab of shockwave. With the 2-in-1 functionality, you can build Ripclaw in his dragon or robot mode, then activate his flapping wings with the simple push of a button. It retails for $16.99 and can be purchased HERE. And you can check it out on the Transformers Website .

What I love about the building set is that it keeps kids fascinated and focused for hours on end. My son is intrigued by all of the pieces and I couldn’t believe that he picked up the manual and was trying to figure out how to put the pieces together himself. Just imagine if you have an older kid. This building set would be a dream come true and they would be fascinated and engaged and will love the challenge of putting all the pieces together.

The set includes:

199 bricks

Two Kreon figures

And a unique Energon piece


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Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and Hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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