Day 1 – A Day and Night to Remember at the #DisneySMMoms conference!

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Day 1 – A Day and Night to Remember at the #DisneySMMoms conference!

We partied like a rockstar, hung out with enchanted Disney characters and had a blast rocking out with the Disney cast during the first day of the Disney Social Media Moms conference.

From A to Z, Disney provided an experience of a lifetime packed into a day filled with fun activities for my family. When I arrived at the fab Contemporary resort, to our surprise we were able to check in at noon and relax after our 7 hour drive from Atlanta.

And then we were off to a meet and greet with Winnie the Pooh before we even moseyed on up to our room. My kids were eager to get this vacation/conference underway. So off to a Winnie the Pooh wonderland, inside the hotel is where we found ourselves!


Disney Consumer products displayed lots of Winnie the Pooh goodies and showcased the new info about the Winnie the Pooh Storyteller of the year, which is a user generated contest that taps into parents’ love of Winnie the Pooh and invites them to share the loveable bear’s story in a creative way through video. It includes the use of fun props including Pooh plush toys, puppets, blankets or any other Pooh item and some Pooh products were all on display!








Then my kids met Tigger and got a chance to play at the Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander land! We ate good grub, got a bag full of Winnie the Pooh goodies including the latest dvd, a Pooh bear and a tumbler!


 Later I headed to a private meet and greet with fellow sponsors. It was a grand event. Sponsored by Givenchy, and Guerlain Paris. We were gifted with perfume by Guerlain Paris and we finally came from behind our computers to meet bloggers we had been talking with for weeks.


Photo credit Josh Hallett



We heard briefly from Leanne Jakubowski, Director of Social Media for Disney Parks and Resorts who shared her enthusiasm for this wondrous event now in its fourth year. We also had the pleasure of hearing from Meg Crofton, Disney Parks president. Who shared her awe about social media and how it has transformed the way we interact with the world. For Disney, it has brought the Disney cast closer to their guests in numerous ways and makes for a greater experience for all.

And as someone who has recently lost 16 pounds since March 1st, I was fired up to meet Chris Powell, the tough, yet tender weight loss guru behind the widely popular Extreme Makeover, Weight loss Edition!


Photo Credit Josh Hallett


Chris wowed the crowd by giving out tidbits of info that he said would help to elevate our minds before thinking about transforming our bodies. Chris said we have to change our mindset about weight loss. Make small, attainable promises that you will keep! Definitely Mind over Matter!

Next our families joined us and we entered a beautiful facility that was indeed party central!


Photo credit Josh Hallett


Photo credit Josh Hallett

There was live music by Icurrent, who kept us jamming to the latest songs, an array of foods that we were encouraged to try. The ITRYit initiative was deisgned to inspire kids and families to TRY healthier food options. And there was plenty of healthy foods to try and I LOVED it! My kids even tried it and that’s not always an easy thing for them to do. I just kept saying, TRY IT! TRY IT! And they did! LOL

119   120





food line

Photo credit Josh Hallett

It was a festive atmosphere and HAPPINESS was definitely in the air! Disney provided interactive games where my kids played with just a wave of their hands!

There was entertainment provided throughout the night. From playing interactive games to live entertainment on center stage to a hip-hop, pop-locking break-dancing Mickey Mouse! I grew up on hip-hop and I’m from that break-dancing era so this REALLY made me smile. No, more than that, I was JAMMING and cheering Mickey on (to the break of dawn) LOL!


Mickey photos credit Photo credit Josh Hallett


This was a whimsical and fun atmosphere. There was never a dull moment. Mickey here, Tarzan there! There were lots of character meet and greets to keep us busy.

150 152

To give you MORE insight into the fun, check out this video montage I put together. It pretty much says it all!

We ended the night by eating delicious dessert under the stars followed by the Illuminations fireworks at Epcot!

dessert party

I felt so honored to be in such great company as part of the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms conference. The event was just getting started and Disney kicked it off with a bang and welcomed hundreds of bloggers with open arms! I truly felt like I was part of the Disney family. That’s a dream in itself. Day 2 post highlighting the speakers coming soon.

Disclosure: I attended the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms conference. I paid a discounted price for theme park tickets and received some amenities and products as a courtesy as a conference attendee. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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  1. melissa @jonahbonah May 13, 2013 at 8:57 pm -

    It looks like you and your family had a MAGICAL time! It would truly be a dream come true for me to go to DisneySMMoms. I’ve looked from afar each year and loved everything I’ve seen!!! I hope to see you there in 2014!

  2. cincomom May 13, 2013 at 11:19 pm -

    I hope so! I have to keep my fingers crossed too! You never know who they will invite from year to year! Thanks Melissa!

  3. Michaelyn {MousekaTools} May 14, 2013 at 12:13 pm -

    Thank you so much for sharing your fun experience! I can’t wait to read more about your trip! I, too have my fingers crossed for 2014…although I should probably keep my expectations at bay for a few years yet! But who knows, right? And congrats on your weight loss! I know how hard it can be, so a huge congrats to you!

  4. cincomom May 18, 2013 at 10:11 pm -

    Thank you Michaelyn!! Yes you never know about next year!!