Gamers Get Ready! #DisneyInfinity set to raise the bar with a new creative way to play

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Gamers Get Ready! #DisneyInfinity set to raise the bar with a new creative way to play


Just imagine Sulley from Monsters U helping the Pirates of the Caribbean battle ships and swash-buckle in a virtual world with Mr. Incredible.

It could happen and alas it will thanks to Disney Infinity a new platform that raises the bar in gaming, creativity, innovation, and the biggest gaming initiative ever by the Walt Disney World company.

During Day 2 of the Disney Social Media Moms conference, I heard from John Day, Producer at Avalanche software, who explained all the exciting intricacies of the new Disney Infinity game. He said that Infinity will give gamers the power to experience Disney stories. Imagine having the live action characters from the Disney line-up, Pixar, and Disney Animation studios all together in one game.


“It’s entirely unprecedented to have the characters in one place,” John said.  It’s a mash-up of characters and John said it recreates the joy of play. That joy he explains when kids play with toys on the living room floor. They dump all their toys out of the box onto the floor and let their mind invent the action. This is something my four-year-old still does everyday!

John said the game follows the idea of what it’s like to play with toys on the living room floor when kids invent their own games with toys. “Developers remember what it was like when they were kids and realize it’s a universal constant,” he said.


In the game, there are so many variations and ways you can play the game. For instance, Monsters can scare other students and play pranks typical of students at college and have a friendly rivalry with other universities. You can sail a pirate ship, explore an ocean and engage ship to ship battles.

And if you really want to mix and mash things up, there’s a Toy Box Play area where you can mix and match all different toys all different figures. In the Toy Box, there are no rules and you can create any adventure you want. You can unlock virtual toys from each Play Set – characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more – and bring them into the Toy Box where you can mix them all up to create your own game.  There are also power disks that work in the game to unlock new toys.

We even received some of the toys made for Infinity like Mr. Incredible and Mike from Monsters U. The figures were designed in-house by developers. There will also be other play sets like Cars, Monsters, and Pirates of the Carribbean.

Disney Infinity is coming out this summer in August. You can preorder the game now by visiting HERE.

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Disclosure: I attended the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms conference. I paid a discounted price for theme park tickets and received some amenities and products as a courtesy as a conference attendee. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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