@GwynethPaltrow talks food, hip-hop and eating healthier #It’sAllGood #IronMan3event

May 9, 2013 Comments Off on @GwynethPaltrow talks food, hip-hop and eating healthier #It’sAllGood #IronMan3event
@GwynethPaltrow talks food, hip-hop and eating healthier #It’sAllGood #IronMan3event

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I would think that if Gwyneth Paltrow was my friend (and she is in my head) that I would call her up to ask her for some fashion advice. What should I wear with a Jimmy Choo shoe and a Marchesa gown?

Even though Gwyneth is a fashionista, as evidenced by her sexy Antonio Berardi gown she wore at the Iron Man 3 premiere, she’s also a die-hard foodie. And now her passion for food is portrayed throughout the pages of her new cookbook, “It’s All Good,” a homage to healthy eating.

During an exclusive interview, I had the opportunity to interview Gwyneth along with 24 other bloggers during a trip to Los Angeles for the Iron Man 3 premiere. Gwyneth, who was recently named as the Mostgwyneth It's all good Beautiful Woman in the World by People Magazine, is just that: beautiful inside and out. Think of the girl next door. Gwyneth is perky yet cool, down-to-earth yet classy and sheik. And she’s got culinary skills in the kitchen!

Ask her friend Julia; when she had a date she called her friend Gwyneth, the go-to-gal when it comes to figuring out what to whip up for dinner.

“I started writing down my recipes because I was always a cook and a foodie, and my friends would call me …” (she points to Julia who’s along with her at the interview) “there’s Julia, my best friend since seventh grade. She called me once and she said, ‘I have a guy coming over; I have no idea what to make- I have to make dinner.’ And I had a lot of friends kind of asking me how do you do that, or like all my friends would be, like, what temperature do I roast this at?”

In fact Gwyneth is kinda like a Julia in the kitchen – Julia Childs that is! 

Even though Gwyneth loves to cook,  it was in fact a life-changing event that was the catalyst to help her change her eating habits. Gwyneth explained that her crazy work schedule filming the movie Country Strong, constant singing  for her Glee cameo and constant over-exertion coupled with her long work schedule, contributed to her body breaking down.

Gwyneth explains:


Photo credit Crissy Page

“And then because I thought I was having a stroke, I started having an anxiety attack on top of what was this migraine that was, like, making my whole right side numb, and I really freaked out.  And I went to bed; I took a nap, and I remember hearing my kids playing in the garden… I can’t go down and play with them; what’s happening,” Gwyneth continued. “So I went to the doctor and I was really super freaked out, and I got tested for everything. And it was basically I had run myself into the ground. I had really, really high stress hormones- they were, like, killing my adrenals. I had really low vitamin D, vitamin B; my estrogen was messed up, like, everything was just off, and they said I had a cyst on my parathyroid. I had a cyst on my ovary. They found a million things wrong,” she said.

Most doctors ordered Gwyneth to go on medication, but she found a doctor who put her on an elimination diet for three weeks. So for that time-frame Gwyneth ate clean, consuming just the fruits of the earth and chicken, and fish.

“You know, no coffee, no alcohol, no sugar, so like Velveeta cheese, whatever,” She said describing the foods she removed from her dietary menu.  “And in three weeks, like my blood work had changed so much! My parathyroid nodule went away over time which is amazing.  I did have to get my cyst out with surgery, but other than that, like I fixed everything with the food.  And I was like, this is incredible.  Food really is medicine.  It’s amazing.  I mean, it’s only because I did it to myself, you know what I mean?  And then I undid it.”

So Gwyneth’s personal experiences coupled with the fact that she wanted to pay tribute to her dad who taught her how to cook, inspired the cookbook.

“When my dad died I just thought it would be- because he was the one taught me cook and like we learned together and our connection to food was so, uh, it was, like, such a part of our relationship, and so I thought it would be really nice because I sort of felt him in the kitchen. I sort of felt it would be nice to write the recipes, you know, kind of pay homage to him and our relationship at the same time, and it was cathartic.” 

And as a mom of two, it was also important for Gwyneth to create meals that would help to cure her son’s ailments. Gwyneth’s son has eczema and allergies and through food she also found healthier cooking options that helped to minimize his breakouts.

And whether she’s, roasting, sautéing, baking or broiling you better believe she’s bobbing her head to the beat.

“Yes, we are a hip hop household, a hundred percent,” Gwyneth professes. “My son especially is. He said the best thing the other day because he’s loves hip hop.  He’s obsessed and, you know, Jay-Z’s a really close friend of ours and that was his sort of gateway into hip hop.  And now he’s branched out and the other day he was, like, ‘Mom, I think that Jay is a story rapper and Kid Cudi is a feelings rapper.’  And I was like, you’re totally right!”

And the kitchen is a place, Gwyneth said, where she can take the time to teach kids her math which is so much better than doing water coloring. I can certainly relate to that. Gwyneth’s book It’s All Good has some great recipes and she personally signed each copy for all the bloggers as she conversed with us. I will be using the book as a go-to reference especially since in the last two months I have changed my diet and cooking habits and have lost 16 pounds from doing so. I’m glad to have this book and I’m eager to try some of Gwyneth’s tasty recipes.

Disclosure: I attended an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Iron man 3 premiere by Disney. All opinions expressed are my own.


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