Review: #Disney #DocMcStuffins It’s Time for Your Checkup DVD May 7th

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Review: #Disney #DocMcStuffins It’s Time for Your Checkup DVD May 7th

Doc McStuffins Time for Checkup

Moms know that getting your kids to feel comfortable at the doc’s office is not always easy. And even when feeling their worst they’d rather whine and moan and lay in your arms than deal with a doctor and the possibility of getting a needle. So how do you make your kids comfortable and ease the frustration and fear at checkup time?

Well that issue is exactly one of the reasons why Chris Nee created Doc McStuffins and now Disney’s newest little darling doc has released the “Time for your checkup” Doc Mcstuffins DVD due out May 7th!

My kids’ favorite new song is “It’s time for your check-up, it’s time for your check up!”DocMcstuffins DVD cover

(You won’t be able to get that little ditty out of your head!)  

And if you don’t already know, Doc McStuffins is all the rage among kids everywhere and was 2012’s #1 cable TV series with kids 2-5 years old.  

I got the chance to preview the dvd and there are five episodes that had my kids, singing, smiling and pretending right along with Doc, Hallie, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly. From helping gulping gators relieve their achy stomach pains to helping a brontosaurus with bad breathe realize the importance of brushing his teeth, this dvd is chock-full of lessons that are relatable for my elementary school-age kids.DOC, BRONTY

For instance when Doc Mcstuffins was sick, her stuffed friends were trying to take care of her, but they weren’t doing a good job and were making the situation worst. They soon realized that the best medicine was REST medicine. Doc just needed some alone time. And when it comes to real life, my kids can certainly understand that mommy sometimes needs to just BE in order to get better.

I enjoyed all the episodes especially “Gulpy Gators.” In this episode Doc McStuffins’ little brother plays a game called Gulpy Gators where he puts all the marbles in a tube so they go into the mouths of his four toy animals. But when the marbles come out of one particular gators mouth, her little brother asks his big sis Doc McStuffins to give the gator a checkup to see what’s wrong. Doc then takes him to the checkup room but soon finds the other 3 gulpy gators are greedy and tries to eat up everything. Doc solves the problem of the one gator who wasn’t gulping by relieving him of all the marbles that were inside him. Every Doc McStuffins episode mimics a real-life medical problem. If a giraffe’s stuffing is hanging out and his lining is busted, then just think of your kid having to go to the doctor’s to get a gash stitched up just the same.

What I love most about this dvd is that Doc McStuffins makes getting checkups seem tolerable. I loved it and I love hearing the sweet voices of my kids singing along and enjoying every nook, cranny and note of this dvd. My kids feel connected to the kid doctor and you’ll be surprised by just how empowered they will feel at their next checkup!

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