Do you have the Brawn it takes to Bake? Check out the American Baking Competition Weds on CBS @BakeonCBS

June 5, 2013 Comments Off on Do you have the Brawn it takes to Bake? Check out the American Baking Competition Weds on CBS @BakeonCBS
Do you have the Brawn it takes to Bake? Check out the American Baking Competition Weds on CBS @BakeonCBS


Sugar and spice and everything’s not always nice in the kitchen.
Just ask the contestants cooking their buns off in a new baking competition, the American Baking Competition, tonight on CBS.ABC
Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the new summer reality show series, which premiered May 29th is sizzling!
And if you ever thought you have the chops to compete in a Bake off, just know this reality series gives the amateur contestants a real heaping dose of REALITY. Cakes won’t always rise to the top but at the end of this competition, one winner will. The contestants are competing for $250,000 and a book deal with Simon & Schuster. 
Judges for the New Series Based On “The Great British Bake Off” Are Chef Marcela Valladolid and Paul Hollywood, Current Judge on the Hit British Series.
I love to bake with my kids and since I’m trying to lose weight I had a nagging question for Chef Marcela because I was real concerned about if I should change my baking recipes. Here’s what she said:
CincoMom: I have changed my eating habits and have been losing weight. I was wondering when substituting  recipes is it better to go with regular sugar or an artificial sweetener. Which is better in baking?
Marcela: Artificial sweeteners are not going to give you the same reaction that you get from sugar. There’s a reason that sugar is in a recipe. It gives moisture in a cake it gives flexibility and the pliability that you get from caramel. This has always been my advice and I can stand by it because I’m a relatively fit and healthy person: I don’t believe in substitutions. In terms of making dishes healthier, I believe in portion control. I believe if you’re going to have a slice of cake, make it full fat, make it full sugar, and just control and portions and don’t eat the whole cake. It is much better to control the portions than try to do the substitution.
Thanks Marcela! I’ll try to get my portions under control!
Check out the American Baking Competition tonight (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS
@CarloFuda (first eliminated contestant)
Join them for a Twitter Party TONIGHT! Follow the hashtag #GetYourBakeOn
Paul Hollywood, the star UK baker and current judge of the British series, and accomplished chef Marcela Valladolid will serve as the series’ judges.
Marcela Valladolid is an accomplished chef who specializes in the artistry of traditional Mexican cuisine. Valladolid’s passion for the culinary world began at her aunt’s cooking school in Baja, Mexico. After attending the Los Angeles Culinary Institute, she then studied at the Ritz Escoffier Cooking School in Paris to become trained as a classical French pastry chef. Valladolid successfully translated her culinary knowledge and passion to the small screen as the host of Discovery en Español’s “Relatos con Sabor,” before hosting her own Food Network series, “Mexican Made Easy,” which premiered in 2010. She also served as a food editor at Bon Appétit magazine. Wanting to share her expertise on great Mexican food that combines
freshness and flavor with ease in the kitchen.
Paul Hollywood is one of the UK’s leading artisan bakers and has served as a judge on the hit UK format “The Great British Bake Off” for three seasons. The son of a baker, Hollywood established himself as a baking innovator working in some of the most exclusive hotels in the world, including the Dorchester in London, before he cemented his reputation as the leading authority on bread-making with his book, 100 Great Breads. Hollywood’s second book,How To Bake, was published last year and was a bestseller. His new series, “Paul Hollywood’s Bread,” debuts March 2013 in the UK on the BBC.

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