Let’s talk about Sex in the Summer! #SummerSexChat with @TheHealthyMommy June 21st!

June 5, 2013 Comments Off on Let’s talk about Sex in the Summer! #SummerSexChat with @TheHealthyMommy June 21st!
Let’s talk about Sex in the Summer! #SummerSexChat with @TheHealthyMommy June 21st!

I swear sometimes grown folks with kids act like high schools girls when it comes to sex.*Insert high-school-girl-giggle here* They tend to feel uncomfortable talking about the topic, but from the looks of it and all the kids they have, they surely are comfortable with the topic, if you know what I mean!

Frankly a lot of women are uncomfortable talking about sex and that’s not good. So leave it to a real doctor, a woman who deals with women and va-jay-jays on a daily basis to come up with the awesome idea to create a forum where women can talk comfortably about sex, healthy eating habits, keeping their babies happy and maintaining balance in their lives.

Dr. Didi Saint Louis, an Ob/Gyn in Atlanta who also practices and teaches at Morehouse started Healthy Mommy Happy Baby.com, a platform that gives voice to the unique social and cultural perspectives of women of color and their motherhood experience. And on June 21st she’s launching the site with a Summer of Love Sex Chat at Sweet Tooth Dessert Bar!HMHB

Dr. Didi said she created the site because she also wanted to fill the informational and support gap by providing practical solutions and guidance that have the greatest impact on a mother’s quality of life, i.e. Health & Wellness, Time Management and Child Development & Education.

And she’s also the mother of two amazing kids, Mac (2yo) & Donovan (7yo.) 

“I started Healthy Mommy Happy Baby after I delivered my daughter and realized there really weren’t that many resources for mothers of color. I had always felt that my experience as the mother of a little black boy was different. When I talked to some of my friends who also were mothers of little boys, they also expressed frustration at their experience and the issues they dealt with,” Dr. Didi explains.
“One of the recurring conversations I often have with the moms in my practice is about sex! Whether they are new moms or moms of older children, it is a recurring theme,” she said. “Whether it’s the lack of sex or dissatisfaction, problems with experiencing orgasm, the conversations are rich and varied.”
So she teamed with a sex psychologist and will host the “Summer Of Love” sex chat series where women would be invited to talk about sex in an intimate setting. It will be fun, informative and relaxing.
I’m excited about the Summer of Love Sex Chat happening June 21st at Sweet Tooth’s Dessert Bar in Atlanta. It’s a FREE event and there will be a Q&A with Dr. Didi and a sex psychologist as well as hors D’oeuvres, dessert samplers, water, sweet Tea and wine! Oh I just LOVE a good mommy night out and I’ll be there with bells on and pencil and paper in hand to take notes! Hope you’ll join us!

Summer of Love Sex Chat

Healthy Mommy Happy Baby Launch!

Sweet Tooth Dessert Bar
335 Nelson St. Atlanta, GA 30313
Friday June 21st

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