My Family Fun Visit to Philly and the ride home from hell!

July 24, 2013 1 Comment »
My Family Fun Visit to Philly and the ride home from hell!

A Block Party and a good old-fashioned barbecue goes hand in hand in Philly. We took an impromptu visit back home after my Disney ESPN adventure and chilled with family and friends at a block party on my mom’s street.

It was a little too hot even for someone from HOTLanta, but we braved the heat and had a good old time. Although there were too many people I didn’t know, I dealt with it because it wasn’t MY party. I thought there would be more family than friends but my mom invited all the friends I think she EVER knew to come to this block party. Anyway, like I said, it wasn’t my party. You know how it is when you don’t know folks, you kind of feel forced to get to know new people. Even worse, people apparently knew me and some even were friends on Facebook and that made me uncomfortable.

But it was great seeing family. (Except for the ones that irked my nerves.) LOL Hey, y’all know I’m gonna keep it real! Anyway, it was the longest ride ever to get to Philly because we came all the way from Orlando — 18 long and ridiculous hours.  But getting home was the ride from hell. I apparently scratched my cornea when I slept in my contacts and my eyes felt like they were on FIRE! Yes, LAWD JESUS IT WAS A FIRE in my eye! My husband was soooo sleepy and tired and had to drive us home because I couldn’t see and then I couldn’t take it anymore so we had to stop at a hospital in North Carolina so I could get my eye checked and get medicine.

The rest of the ride consisted of me being irritable coupled with PMS, annoying kids, a million bathroom stops because my husband was too tired to drive straight through. I was aggravated and he was aggravated. And I even threatened to walk home on the highway if he stopped again. (Yeah right) and he told me I should be able to drive with no vision because Stevie Wonder does it all the time. Smh.

*Why didn’t Jesus take the wheel*

So the miserable ride home helped us to come to the conclusion that we shall never again drive long distance unless it’s in an RV and/or on an airplane.

In any event, I used the Disney Story App to highlight my trip! Enjoy!

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  1. tami July 25, 2013 at 6:57 am -

    Thats too funny! My husband and I never stop on our way to Ohio except for fill ups. Maybe because our kids was trained from day one to use the bathroom when we get gas lol. I have a road trip today to Orlando, Fl but they already know! LOL