and clothes for the fashionable type of kid

August 17, 2013 Comments Off on and clothes for the fashionable type of kid and clothes for the fashionable type of kid


My 7-year-old Milan is such a little fashionista.

She’s such a princess – well all of my girls are – but she really takes great care in picking out what she’ll wear to school. And she knows if she’s rocking an outfit like a rockstar. Just take a look at her pose in this pretty Royal Blue dress from If she could, If she could, Milan would wear this dress everyday all week. Milan3 sent this beautiful dress and it fits Milan like a glove. I love the Rayonne stretchy material and it fits her like it was tailor-made. And the attention to detail along the neckline makes this dress unique and really stand out.


I would consider this a “special occasion” dress or even a Sunday Best dress. Baby Togs is one of the largest providers of children’s apparel in North America. They manufacturer children’s apparel for Dr. Seuss, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Baby Lulu & Kathy Ireland. 

Check HERE to find where you can purchase these unique clothes that will make your child sparkle with confidence. I’ll be reviewing more clothes from BabyTogs in the coming weeks. And if you’re a fan of Baby Togs too, please send a picture of your little prince or princess to be featured here on! Send a picture of your fashionable babe to [email protected]!


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