Big News! Cincomom gets an upgrade and I’m the newest @SheKnows Featured Contributor and more!

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Big News! Cincomom gets an upgrade and I’m the newest @SheKnows Featured Contributor and more!

So it’s about that time.

Time to change the game, raise the bar, advance my brand and move on up like George and Weezie!

Welcome to the new!

Cincomom Logo

Thanks to my designer Kat Robertson over at, I adjusted the look of Cincomom just a bit so I can better share with you everything that goes on in my crazy world of parenting five kids. And because so many people ask me for advice, I’ll be writing more ‘How-To’ pieces about Family, Marriage and Love, and how to navigate through the trials of mommyhood and even touch on tough subjects that leave us all confused and afraid to tackle like, puberty and talking sex with your tweens. It’s a tough job and somebody has to do it!

I’ve also included an Entertainment and Celebrities section offering insight on some of the hottest topics, a Home Living section to highlight my many DIY home mishaps, a section on Marriage and Love and how I keep a long lasting relationship fresh and saucy, and even a section on What’s Cooking because ya know, I can do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ up in the kitchen!

I am also proud to announce two new wonderful ventures that I am ecstatic about!

First I am one of the newest Parenting Experts to be featured on! This is truly exciting and I am honored to be able to tap into SheKnows’ existing 40 million readership base. And as an influential blogger I am one of the few experts selected to join and I’m glad to bring you this news first! I’ll be tackling parenting topics in a funny and humorous way like I always do, but I’m glad I will be able to influence and inspire millions more with my words. There’s a lot to be said, ya know! SheKnows Experts is a new content platform where they give us (the experts) a place to share our expertise and passion points with a large, highly engaged group of women on There is nothing that means more to me than family. And it means even more that there are platforms like SheKnows that appreciates and understands the value that mothers can offer.

This is a BIG opportunity and I am honored. And soon as I know who the other Parenting Experts are, I will be sure to let you know!

SHEKnows expertNext up, I am back at the helm as Editor and will be the newest Editor over at! This is a wonderful new website, owned by Ob_Gyn Dr. Di-Di St. Louis of Planned Parenthood and Morehouse Medical Associates. This will be the premier site for women of color with expert advice from Dr. Di-Di and others about how women can lead productive and healthy lives by taking care of themselves first and seeking the right nutritious choices for their children so they grow up happy and healthy too. And being an all around healthy person is not complete without assessing your relationships, physicality and mental being. This site will bring all those components together. And joining the HMHB staff is Maria Galati Smith, over at, a mom expert of 4 who manages it and will share her expertise on the Joys of Parenting and Mommy-Money Saving Tips.

HMHB logoAnd don’t forget you can always catch me over at my favorite playground at!

So this mommy doesn’t have a minute to spare! So join me on this wonderful  journey, share your thoughts and opinions, sign up for our newsletter, enter some giveaways and talk to me! Tweet me @KiaMorganSmith @TheCincomom and Please LIKE

I look forward to talking to you!

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