Momma’s Beauty Makeover!

August 18, 2013 Comments Off on Momma’s Beauty Makeover!
Momma’s Beauty Makeover!

It was Audrey Hepburn who said that the beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.

beautyShe must have been talking about the beauty within because as I approach my 40th birthday next month in September, it takes a little more tugging and pulling and painting my face to unleash my beauty! LOL

And boy was I looking down and out until my GOOD FRIEND Jenece Horton came along and beat my face to perfection! Last weekend Jenece visited Atlanta with her hubby comedian Will Spank Horton to tape the new season of BET Comic View and Jenece brought my face back to life! Every woman needs to go from FUGLY to Fabulous once in a while!

Truth is if you catch me on any ordinary day- wig off, bare-faced, sweat pants and tee, working on my laptop while munching on a Snickers Ice Cream bar (don’t judge me), you’d be surprised! I’m just like any busy mom with no makeup and if I’m not going out to an event, I’m usually just the ordinary me. That is until I get all pretty, pop on some high heels, squeeze into my jeans, curl up my wig to perfection and paint my face pretty before painting the town!

And Jenece is a Face Artist and she gave me a makeover of unbelievable proportions! She took me from BLAH to WHOA BABY! Bam! Check me out!

Faceart by Jenece2I learned a few tips and tricks too so now I can keep my face in order on my own. My husband loves when I get all pretty so I do make sure when we go out I GO ALL OUT and get dolled up because he absolutely loves it. I think a lot of women forget that even though we get comfortable our men fell in love with the woman we were and it’s nice if we remember that and try to maintain some semblance of that! No we can’t be Beyonce all day; that’s unrealistic. But we should pull it together on occasion and entice our men and keep our relationship fun and saucy. Remember men are visual creatures.

Anyway I had a GREAT time with Jenece. And really really enjoyed her visit. She’s Philly-based so if you’re looking for a makeup artist be sure to book her at


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