@OneDirection Movie brings back memories of my guy-band tween-age crush #1Dmovie

August 15, 2013 Comments Off on @OneDirection Movie brings back memories of my guy-band tween-age crush #1Dmovie
@OneDirection Movie brings back memories of my guy-band tween-age crush #1Dmovie

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Baby, my daughters eyes LIT up like nobody’s else’s and they giggled and got all giddy like the little schoolgirls they are and they are clearly enchanted by the One Direction band members! We got to see an early screening of the movie One Direction: This is US, due out in theaters August 30th.

It was the cutest thing ever seeing my older two girls Mikaela 9, and Kaitlin, 10, get excited over One Direction. They have a CRUSH on those cuties and they don’t even know it. All they know is that they love the catchy, sweetheart tunes that the band croons to throngs of young girls all over the world. They empower young girls through their words, telling them how BEAUTIFUL they are and to believe in themselves and just how much they can light up a room and light up a young man’s heart like no one else. (This is exactly the kind of music young girls NEED to heard instead of being called B-words and being treated as sex objects!)

No wonder One Direction is a BIG DEAL and they are! These lads from across the British pond have captured the hearts of millions of fans and have become a viral sensation that outpaced even the Beetles’ early success.

harry Liam Zayn-Malik-snoopy_sophie-32334031-1280-1024LouisNiall

They obtained early success faster than ANY other band had in such a short amount of time. And it helps that they are really good-looking young men who make young girls faint and flail their arms trying to touch band members Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. The One Direction band members are charming, NOT bad boys with their pants sagging, although one of them did get his pants pulled down right in front of concert-goers!

My daughters affinity for One Direction reminds me of my tween-age crush on New Edition. Ah, I remember those days just wanting to be that “Candy Girl” the band New Edition sang about in their ooey-gooey sweetheart songs. I was just 10-years-old like my daughter Kaitlin when New Edition came out with the song Candy Girl in 1983. I watched EVERY video, played their records over and over again, collected every poster I could and plastered my wall with New Edition paraphernalia. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike and Ralph were my world. And yes I got to see them in concert because that was as close as I could get to the guys I loved. Just like my daughters LOVE One Direction and sing their songs and compete against each other on Just Dance Wii trying to show off their best moves to the “What Makes You Beautiful” song, I felt the same allure for those 5 boys from Boston. And yes I’ve even sang a New Kids On the Block tune or two in my day! Girl crushes on guy bands is just a rite-of-passage for young girls

1D_FIN_1SHT_3DThe One Direction movie lends an inside look into the band’s day to day life while on the road on tour. You get to see that even with all the success in the world the 5 guys are just regular guys, who goof off – a lot and LOVE their family immensely and have a strong bond with each other like true brothers.

This movie is Cincomom-approved! Make a day of it and take your daughters to see One Direction-This is US and re-live your OWN back-in-the-day guy-band crush! It’s memories that’ll make you smile. Tell me, what’s YOUR favorite guy-band from back in the day?

About One Direction movie: This Is Us

ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US is a captivating and intimate all-access look at life on the road for the global music phenomenon. Weaved with stunning live concert footage, this inspiring feature film tells the remarkable story of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis’ meteoric rise to fame, from their humble hometown beginnings and competing on the X-Factor, to conquering the world and performing at London’s famed O2 Arena. Hear it from the boys themselves and see through their own eyes what it’s really like to be One Direction.

o Hits theaters on 8/30

o Official movie links here: http://www.1dthisisus-movie.com/site/, http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/onedirection/

o Official hashtag: #1DThisIsUs

o Official social profiles:





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