Review: @BISSELLclean Machine packs power!

August 22, 2013 Comments Off on Review: @BISSELLclean Machine packs power!
Review: @BISSELLclean Machine packs power!

For the past seven years I’ve been using a carpet cleaning company to come out and clean my carpets like clockwork just about every two months. And the time in-between cleanings I’ve rented carpet cleaning machines at the local grocery store. I have to keep my carpets cleaned because my kids seem to keep tracking dirt into the house and onto the carpet. It’s just what kids do. And since I can’t stand dirty carpets I know exactly what I have to do and that is make sure I keep them clean and fresh.  b1

I was glad to hear about the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and was glad when the Bissell reps personally stopped by my home and dropped off the machine for us to try. And it was right on time because I was at that point where I was going to call a carpet company yet again because the carpets were looking a bit dirty and grimy. I never knew about the Bissell Big Green Machine so it was news to me that they had this carpet cleaner available. And you can rent them at Lowes!bissell6My husband put hot water into the reservoir of the machine and got busy cleaning the carpet. Bissell has a cleaning solution too that we used. What I love is that you can clean moving the machine in both directions. Other machines only suck up dirt and water when you pull it back in one direction which  makes the whole cleaning process so much longer. And there was a place to add an attachment on the front of the machine. The attachment had great suction and he used that to get those tricky edges and hard to reach areas. We have two steps that you have to step down to walk into the family room and sometimes those steps are neglected so the attachment was great for getting those cleaned.

bissell4You can see how bright the carpet is after cleaning and surprisingly when I stepped onto it, it was pretty dry already compared to other cleanings. I didn’t expect that!

bissell2I found the handle to be very helpful in navigating the machine. It allowed for me to push the machine just as easily as I push my vacuum cleaner. The machine has some great cleaning power and got those big, bad stains OUT with ease. It makes me wonder why I pay so much for a professional cleaning company at all if this machine gets out stains so good! Since I’m an obsessive carpet cleaning person, I’ll definitely be heading to Lowes to rent this machine on a regular basis! Thank you Bissell for letting the Smith family try out the Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine! I was impressed with the cleaning power!


The Big Green is one of the highest rated products on Amazon. The machines are rented at Lowe’s locations across the country.

There’s also a version for pet homes available to rent from PetSmart: It’s an all-purpose deep cleaner that specifically addresses pet stains too.


Disclosure: I was given the Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine for a week to test out. All opinions are my own.

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