@SingleWivesClub Weekend w/@Koereyelle and upcoming cocktails w/@RashanAli

September 8, 2013 Comments Off on @SingleWivesClub Weekend w/@Koereyelle and upcoming cocktails w/@RashanAli
@SingleWivesClub Weekend w/@Koereyelle and upcoming cocktails w/@RashanAli

One thing I know is that I really like Rashan Ali. She’s the down-to-earth host of Ladies Night TV and most recently when my favorite author and friend Denene Millner appeared on the show, I thought I’d check it out. I loved hearing the ladies dip and dabble in topics about love and relationships and I even tweeted Rashan and told her I didn’t like her confession about her use of N-word. And guess what, she was cool about it and tweeted back. She’s genuine and keeps it real. I love this sister and appreciate the fact that she was chosen to host the upcoming Cocktails for a Cause event with the Single Wives Club, an organization that I’m involved in and proud to be a part of.

Rashan AliSo you may ask, what exactly is a Single Wives Club? Well put it like this, there are a lot of single ladies out there who want to be married but sometimes the mentors and information they need to have a successful marriage is missing. And especially if they grew up in a home or environment where all they saw was an unhealthy marriage and relationship! So how do you know what to do and how to prepare yourself FOR a great marriage? Koereyelle DuBose is the founder of this organization which prepares women to become wives, nurture femininity and protect family. Guidance, support, coaching and training are provided to women through the Study Program and the Wives Society mentoring program, which I am a part of. 

Through a myriad of enriching experiences, such as cooking classes, finance workshops, etiquette lessons and community service, women are equipped with the skills needed to become a wife, the CEO of the home. The focus is on the fundamentals of relationships, owning your role and becoming a better woman before becoming a wife. Membership in the organization is reserved for women who accept the challenge to acquire the skills necessary to become Mrs. Right.

The goals of The Single Wives Club are:

  • To equip women with the skills necessary to be successful wives.
  • To decrease the national divorce rate by increasing the number of loving, lasting relationships.
  • To increase the number of happy healthy children by creating happy healthy homes.

And on October 19th join the Singles Wives Weekend


Have you seen the SPEAKER LINEUP?

A power-packed conference planned to help you prepare for a FINANCIALLY FREE FUTURE!

On Saturday October 19th Nicole Garner, Lakia Brandenburg, Nikhol Jackson and Cameka Smith will present interactive and innovative workshops at The SUMMIT! Registration begins at 9am and the conference concludes with a luncheon ending at 3pm! The Summit offers women a chance to build their professional networks, strengthen their financial literacy and prepare for their future! To learn more about the workshops and speakers, click HERE. We have ONE vendor space left! Complete the application HERE.

Tickets for the Summit are $85.00 for non-members and include entrance to Single Wives Night Out 9pm-11pm! For details and registration visit:

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