Towanda Braxton’s 40 and Fabulous Birthday party takes Atlanta back to School

September 23, 2013 2 Comments »
Towanda Braxton’s 40 and Fabulous Birthday party takes Atlanta back to School

Towanda and the Braxtons and showed up and it was an all-out party of epic proportions.

Talk about a drum-line!

Towanda Braxton celebrated her fabulous 40th birthday in “School Daze” style, with one of the biggestMeandTowanda2.jpg birthday bashes of the year. The party kicked off with 150 Tri-Cities high school band members marching down Brady Avenue leading up to the venue with a mysterious drum centered in their midst. After a spectacular performance, the drum opened and Towanda Braxton emerged greeting partygoers in a blinged out sheer bodysuit, showing off her curves to perfection. Along with a supporting cast of her beautiful sisters, Tamar, Toni, Traci and Trina and their proud parents in tow, the Braxtons celebrated the life of “the responsible one” with panache.

In attendance were some of Atlanta’s music scene including V-103/HGTV personality Egypt Sherrod, R&B singer Nivea, Sammie, producer Jazze Pha, Jevon Sims (The New Atlanta), philanthropist Bo Talley, Sister 2 Sister media maven Jamie Foster Brown, R&B group B5, Disney/Tyler Perry Studios actor Chris Tavarez and several others who came out to wish the birthday girl well.  

Under the leadership of event coordinator Chef Ashley (the rude lady), the Compound was turned into a virtual college campus, aptly named Towanda University.

A football field, student hall and dorm room were virtual experiences guests walked through on their way to the staging area to gain the full university experience. 


A night of surprises including a dance floor complete with break-dancers, numerous Greek step performances and two tricked out motorcycles parked near the dance floor reminiscent of Grease. Nothing surprised guests more than the larger than life spray painted portraits of the Braxton sisters highlighting the pond area of the venue, where eventually Towanda and her sisters took to the stage to party the evening away.

Towanda’s 40 and Fabulous School Daze edition was captured for Braxton Family Values, the number one rated show on WE tv.


My feet are still hurting from standing a good 4 hours waiting for Towanda Braxton and being shuffled around outside and then back inside the compound and then back outside and then back inside. I don’t blame Towanda or the PR agency. But I do blame the event coordinator Chef Ashley, who was also rude and mean to me and would not let me sit down and ushered me out of an area (for what I don’t know) even after I told her my feet hurt. And then servers only gave food to certain people and not all the guests (and then when I tasted the food it was awful and I threw it in the trash), and security were acting like they were guarding the President… but I digress… In the end Towanda Braxton had a fabulous 40th birthday party this past Friday at the Compound in Atlanta. For those who know I have nine screws in my ankle from an accident and have to sit down after a while so I really was NOT happy having to stand so long so I did want to mention this because I felt like the event was a bit UNorganized. (You don’t treat guests like trash you can shuffle around.) Other than that it was a nice occasion. 

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  1. OnBlast ATL September 23, 2013 at 2:32 pm -

    Your ‘observations’ are so on point~ Chef Ashley is yet another of Atlanta’s scam artists! She is a cook at best, using subpar ingredients, preparing in unsanitary, non-licensed facilities and charging her unsuspecting high-profile clients for quality they just ARE NOT recieving! She uses 14-15 yo students (under the illusion of being interns) because she doesn’t pay her staff (present company included- I’m still owed over $1500 from 2 years ago)~ Oh the stories I could and WILL tell!!

  2. cincomom September 23, 2013 at 4:22 pm -

    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! She seemed shady and I actually really was being nice because I wanted to blast her even more on this blog but I toned it down! Maybe I need to do a follow-up story about how shady she is and how she treats her clients… Hmmmm… *In thinking mode*