Beulah Bulldawgs Cheerleaders won 1st Place in Junior competition at Beach Jam

October 23, 2013 Comments Off on Beulah Bulldawgs Cheerleaders won 1st Place in Junior competition at Beach Jam
Beulah Bulldawgs Cheerleaders won 1st Place in Junior competition at Beach Jam

The Beulah Bulldawgs rocked the house Saturday and tossed, flipped and cheered their way to a huge win at the Beach Jam cheerleading competition and earned the number 1 spot in the Junior competition!

100I was beyond thrilled and had a ball attending my first cheer competition with my daughter Mikaela who is a member of the Beulah Bulldawgs. (I don’t expect that Mikaela will return to this team.)

On Saturday, the Beulah Cheerleaders came to McEachern High School in Powder Springs for one purpose– to win the top spot at Beach Jam!

006I’ve seen these girls work their butts to the bone; practicing long hours, crying, getting dropped, kicked in the face and getting downright disgusted with cheer practice. But it’s all a part of the job. Hard work sometimes HURTS. Mikaela has taken Epson salt baths, cried about her aching bones and sobbed about being sore. I kissed her boo-boos, wiped her tears and carried on with driving her to cheer practice! Because once you commit, there’s no turning back! And it was a real lesson on teaching Mikaela to suck it up and persevere to COMPLETION! She made me sign her up for competition and pay money so that meant she was and IS going to see it until the end!

124But the beauty in the WIN on Saturday is that all of those precious girls saw that the seeds of being a champion were sown for weeks and they bloomed on Saturday in a BIG WAY!

126The team came home with the following awards:

  • Junior Team Won 1st Place
  • The Pee-Wee team won 2nd Place
  • The Coaching Staff of the Junior Team won the Coaches Award
  • The Park won Sportsmanship Award (This award was given because parents cheered for EVERY team and showed great sportsmanship)
  • Jalisa Granger won 3rd place in the jump-off contest (high jump)
  • Junior Team won 1st place in Cupie Contest (a picture of what the Cupie Contest is below)
The Cupie contest

The Cupie contest

 I’m proud of every last one of these girls

Dana Edwards           Jacke Farrow

Nicole Gilmore        Anmesha Paige

Tania Yasin               Ayanna Boyd – Bell

Kaiya Waters            Jayda-Faye Cain

Kyla Hucks                Alicia McKinney

Chelsea Speed          Teyah Purifoy

Kayli Cooper             Amiya Harris

Magali Rivera           Mikaela Smith

Jade Bagley                Zyan Mathis

Rebecca Baxter        Brya Clark

Alexis Jacops            Alaina Johnson

Aja Smith                    Jalisa Granger

Congratulations to the coaching Staff as well who worked so hard to teach these girls a great routine!

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