I’ll be iced out in LA! I’m heading to the #DisneyFrozenEvent

October 18, 2013 7 Comments »
I’ll be iced out in LA! I’m heading to the #DisneyFrozenEvent

When I got the call that I’d be heading to LA next month for the red carpet premiere of Disney’s newDisneyFrozen logo movie FROZEN, all I heard in my head was the bassline to ICE, ICE Baby and I wanted to jump up and do the running man to the beat pulsing in my brain. Now I bet you can’t get that Vanilla Ice song out your head either! Well good because from now until NOVEMBER it’s ALL ABOUT THE ICE!

FROZEN hits theaters on November 27th! Just in time for a Thanksgiving movie get-together!

Get ready to get blasted with Facebook posts, tweets, videos, pins and posts because I’ve been invited to Los Angeles along with 24 other bloggers for the red carpet premiere of Disney’s Frozen, and I’ll get a glimpse of Saving Mr. Banks, a movie about the man behind the magic–Walt Disney and the story behind Miss Prim and Proper– Mary Poppins. While in LA, I’ll attend a press day at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and interview star Kristen Bell (“Anna”)!

I’ll screen SAVING MR. BANKS (opening in theatres limited on 12/13 and wide on 12/20) and get a behind the scenes look at the history of MARY POPPINS (available on Blu-ray combo pack 12/10)!

I’m always excited about a vibrant Disney feature film like Frozen. They do a stellar job with animation of course and I’m sure this movie will push the envelope and be just as exceptional as the others.

Disney-Frozen-officialFrozen-Character (2)And I’m excited as well about Saving Mr. Banks because I also really wanted to see this one too. It’s the first movie that depicts Walt Disney and really gives us insight into his life.

You can also score a FREE Movie Ticket to FROZEN from Disney Movie Rewards when you enter participating codes!

So sit back, CHILL and get ready for the ride! Be sure to follow all the fun on Twitter #DisneyFrozenEvent @KiaMorganSmith @TheCincomom @DoodahDisney 

TheCincomom on Facebook and DoodahDisney on Facebook

Stay tuned for more to come!

FROZEN (11/27/13)


https://twitter.com/DisneyAnimation (#DisneyFrozen)



SAVING MR. BANKS (Limited 12/13/13 and Wide 12/20/13)


https://twitter.com/disneypictures (#SavingMrBanks)



 Disclosure: I’m attending an all-expense paid trip, including airfare, hotel and meals to Los Angeles on behalf of Disney. All opinions in this post and future posts from this event are mine solely.

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  1. tami October 18, 2013 at 5:14 am -

    So glad my cut-buddy will be there too! I’m trying to find something to wear lol

  2. Autumn October 18, 2013 at 10:03 am -

    That’s so awesome, Kia! You will have a great time out there. My daughter’s name is Anna, so we will be heading to the theaters ASAP to watch this. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

  3. XmasDolly October 18, 2013 at 12:34 pm -

    I want to see both of these so bad. Saving Mr. Banks sounds terribly intriguing about Walt Disney. I’m surprised they haven’t made a movie about him yet & Frozen on Blue Ray already? How cool is that. Only thing is I don’t have Blue Ray machine. What happened to DVD’s??? Must go to the show to see it. Just have to kidnap one of my grandkids so I don’t look dingy going in by myself. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait. Looks so cool.

  4. cincomom October 19, 2013 at 11:00 am -

    Yes! Ever since I saw Tom Hanks in this movie I knew it was gonna be a good one! And we finally get to see a film with Walt Disney depicted in it. Love that!

  5. cincomom October 19, 2013 at 11:01 am -

    Thanks Autumn! I’ll be reviewing the movie so be sure to stop by again to read all about it1

  6. Choya October 20, 2013 at 11:49 am -

    I am stoked to finally meet you in person chica, can’t wait to get Iced Iced Baby in LA with you!

  7. TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs October 20, 2013 at 12:52 pm -

    I’ll have to keep an eye on your counter so I can squee more as the dates nears. I’m excited to meet you on the red carpet 🙂