Milan ran like the wind and won her FIRST medal!

October 9, 2013 Comments Off on Milan ran like the wind and won her FIRST medal!
Milan ran like the wind and won her FIRST medal!

There’s nothing like seeing your shy kid blossom into a beautiful little butterfly.

On Saturday my youngest girl, Milan, got her first medal when she came in FIRST PLACE in the172 FoxHall Family Festival race in Georgia. She came in First Place for the second grade runners and my son Jo-Jo came in 8th place for the Kindergarteners even though he walked half of the race and acted stubborn. Milan is a member of the E-1 Track Club, a very good organization that motivates young  athletes to aspire to achieve leadership, discipline and integrity through the sport of track and field and cross country running. E-1 also educates youth with the fundamentals of the sport of Track and Field; teach sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and fair play through the sport; and offers athletes opportunities to compete in track and field meets/competitions against other youth athletes on different track teams. E-1 Track Club’s goals are to encourage and help young people to develop physically, emotionally and socially through their involvement in track and field. Coach Vaughn is E-1’s Head Track & Field/Cross Country Coach and on a daily basis Milan works with coach Jamie.

Milan is really finding herself and her love for cross-country running. And she’s good at it. Her coach at school saw me at the race and said her matter-of-factly, “Milan can run. That girl is fast!”

And THAT she is! I’m hoping…no I’m betting on years of training to produce a great athlete who will in turn earn a scholarship to college. Gotta start em’ young! That’s a long way off but there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead.

I’m happy that Milan is finding herself and what she loves. It’s important to not force your kids to do things that you want them to do. I let my kids do what’s in their spirit. Since birth it seems like Mikaela has wanted to be a cheerleading and she’s doing it. Kaitlin is an artist and she draws very well and is taking classes. Jo-Jo still is a little young and too stubborn to stick to love anything other than his legos. And even though Kaitlin was on the cross-country team, I’m taking her off because god knows this isn’t the sport for her.

I’m so proud of Milan. She’s running her third race October 12th. It’s a USATF-santioned race so the competition will be tough. But I’ll let you know how it goes!


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