Promised Land Dairy has flavored milk that promises to be delicious

October 23, 2013 Comments Off on Promised Land Dairy has flavored milk that promises to be delicious
Promised Land Dairy has flavored milk that promises to be delicious

When I was young, I remember we got fresh milk delivered to our door. And to spice up the plain old milk we had to add in chocolate syrup and pink powder, which I’m certain now is not the healthiest way for a kid to consume milk. 

Now regular milk can mooove over because Promised Land Dairy, is in our town! This week the folks at Promised Land sent four bottles of their fresh line of all-natural dairy products that just launched at Publix.

We tried their regular milk flavor and three of their unique flavors:

  • Very Berry Strawberry
  • Midnight Chocolate
  • Cookies N’ Cream

And I have to tell you I couldn’t believe they were all natural because they was so FRESH and FLAVORFUL! The Cookies and Cream tastes like a delectable dream mix of cookies and milk, chilled to perfection and poured into a bottle!It was my daughter Kaitlin’s favorite for sure.


The Very Berry Strawberry is so fresh! It’s not pink like strawberries yet tastes creamy and frankly was the best Strawberry milk I’ve ever had. To put this in perspective, my kids sat and drank all the bottles of milk right up! The chocolate milk was rich and creamy. It’s very easy to consume this milk by the load. It’s very good. If you have kids who aren’t milk drinkers then Promised Land milk would be a cool compromise because I’m sure they would love the vibrant flavors. My daughter Mikaela typically never drinks milk and she drank cupfuls without whining! And my son Jojo loved the flavored and gave it a thumbs up!


My son jojo approves!

A few things that set Promised Land apart from other dairy brands include:

  • Promised Land flavors like Peaches N’ Cream, make it fun for kids to get the nutrients they need.
  • Promised Land products come from pampered Jersey Cows sourced from sustainable farms with the highest level of cow care and humane treatment. Even though Jersey cows make less milk than others bred to produce large amounts, the milk they produce is naturally richer, creamier and higher in calcium and protein!
  • Promised Land products are kosher-certified and free of artificial hormones and artificial antibiotics.
  • Promised Land maintains a wholesome brand image and stays true to its Christian heritage.
  • Each Promised Land product label includes Deuteronomy 26:9, a verse that refers to a “Promised Land flowing with milk and honey.” This scripture is also where Promised Land got its name!

Thank you to Promised land for sending the delicious flavored milks for my family to try out. You try them too at your local Publix or check HERE to see what store carries the items in your area.

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