Family Night with Pizza and @Pillsbury! #PBFamilyNight

November 18, 2013 Comments Off on Family Night with Pizza and @Pillsbury! #PBFamilyNight
Family Night with Pizza and @Pillsbury! #PBFamilyNight

I promise you, our pizza was GOOD!

I mean, like really good. It rivaled the local pizza places and I do mean that.

On Sunday the kids and I had Family Night with Pillsbury, you know that bake-a-licious company with the fat Dough Man that giggles and bakes delicious ooey-gooey cookies? Yes, well we didn’t bake up any cookies, we actually made pizza the Pillsbury way. And I did say Pillsbury Pizza. And yes it was absolutely the best. Put it like this, I promise you, I won’t be tweeting that I ordered out and bought pizza because I will be baking my own from now on! Let me show you what we did.

PBPizzaCrustSo Pillsbury has this delicious, soft and easily bake-able pizza crust. We tried the Thin Crust and next will try the Artisan Pizza Crust, which is more hearty with whole grain flavors. They sent us some cool baking tools: a Pillsbury apron, oven mitt, pizza cutter, cutting board and coupons to buy the refrigerated pizza dough.

pizza kitWe added some Ragu sauce, spicy pepperoni and mozzarella cheese for our pizza toppings. But how you want to make your pizza all depends on your pizza personality. After this initial pizza, I made a second one for myself and my husband with Asiago and other cheeses to kick it up a notch. Feel free to add any toppings that you love.

I started out with Mikaela and she rolled out the pizza dough into a cooking dish

I started out with Mikaela and she rolled out the pizza dough into a cooking dish


We then had to put the dough into the oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes for it to rise just a bit before adding toppings. This is how it looked when we took it out of the oven.

Pizza Night

Jo-Jo and Milan started to add the sauce


Then all the kids chimed in to assemble the pizza!

And Voila! Pizza Perfection!

finiished pizza cutterI cut the pizza easily with the Pillsbury pizza cutter and you’ll have to forgive me because I forgot to snap a pic of the kids eating the pizza. It was SO good I forgot to get a picture! LOL

But here’s the crew who made it!

pizzanight2And they were happy and head over the heels! We truly enjoyed the pizza making process. It was as easy as unfold, make and bake! I enjoyed the soft crust and it baked up fast — a little over 10 minutes. I think the kids did a great job making this on their first try. The pizza was great but the time together talking and laughing is what made this Pizza Night priceless.

You can try making breakfast pizza with fruits and cream cheeses or be as creative as your heart desires. Or find some inspiration on the Pillsbury page at

Disclosure: We were gifted with Pillsbury products to try their products and write a review. However all opinions are mine solely.

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