I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! Out and about in LA! #DisneyFrozenEvent

November 24, 2013 2 Comments »
I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! Out and about in LA! #DisneyFrozenEvent

Oh what a difference a few days in LA makes!

There’s just something about getting out of your element and going to a new place that makes you want to break out all the makeup goodies and get GLAM!

Well hunty, that’s just what I did in LA! Momma was showin’ OUT in LA!

It’s not everyday that I get to get away from the everyday rippin and runnin that comes with being a mom and wife. So when Marshall of Disney invited me out to LA for the premiere of the movie FROZEN, I accepted the invitation with good tidings and gladness! LOL And I was ready to get GHOST and head over to the WEST COAST!


I went to the MAC store and bought $100+ dollars worth of make-up and had a little fun getting GLAM.

And if you’re in Hollywood, you’ve gotta look the part. So sunglasses are definitely in order.


As you can tell I’m really feeling myself here…

This is my "please no pictures" look

This is my “please no pictures” look

This is my first class diva look.. Stewardness I need a drink!

This is my first class diva look.. Stewardess I need a drink!

Did I tel you hunted down and found Ciara on my flight! This is my CHEESE for the camera look!

This is my”you betta take a picture with me CIARA,” look…

This is my, "CHILE PLEASE I ain't got time for that!" look

This is my, “CHILE PLEASE I ain’t got time for that!” look

This is my "I can't believe these bishes photobombing me" look (just kiddin ladies...

This is my “I can’t believe these bishes photobombed me” look (just kiddin ladies…)

This is my, "You don't know who I am?" look...

This is my, “You don’t know who I am?” look…

This is my "aww I got a white friend..." look

This is my “aww I got a white friend…” look (luv u Amy!)

This is my "I'm the SHIZZLE" look

This is my “I’m the SHIZZLE” look

This is my "I'm hungry, VERY hungry..." look

This is my “I’m hungry, VERY hungry…” look

And this is my BAD CHICK," look!

And this is my BAD CHICK,” look!

I seriously had a ball in LA and stay tuned as I bring you all stories about all of my awesome experiences. From meeting the directors and animators of FROZEN to revealing a funny behind-the-scenes clip where I voice over a segment of the movie. Getting away is something every girl should do from time to time and I’m glad I had the opportunity to have some much needed fun and good-old fashioned rest and relaxation. Don’t be left out in the cold. Find showtimes and get tickets for Frozen, in theaters Wednesday.


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    Ha! Great post!!!

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    Thanks Brandy!!