@Walmart’s website glitch was golden until they took back my son’s toy

November 7, 2013 Comments Off on @Walmart’s website glitch was golden until they took back my son’s toy
@Walmart’s website glitch was golden until they took back my son’s toy

I am extremely disappointed at Walmart.

It was the glitch heard around the globe. Yesterday I opened my email to see an online WalmartWal-MartAlwaysLowPrices newsletter boasting their low online prices for Christmas toys. What caught my eye was a tablet for $69 that my daughter Mikaela has been saying she wanted for Christmas. And since the price was so low, typical of Walmart’s low-price advertisements, I decided to go ahead and buy her the one thing that was on top of her wish list. Luckily for me the $69 price is a solid one and not one of the online items now under scrutiny by Walmart which had a GLITCH in their system which priced lots of items much lower…actually WAY TOO LOW for anyone’s reality. (There’s was a $600 projector priced for $9 and a can of Lysol spray OVERpriced for $92.)

I was one of the thousands, maybe millions of people suckered online to purchase this Metallic Wine Red GP Percussion 3-Piece Complete Junior Drum Set, because it boasted a price of $14.98. I had no idea the price was low because of a glitch in Walmart’s system. In fact, I had no idea what a drum set like this would cost. $14.98 seemed fair enough in my mind! I only wanted my 5-year-old son to be happy this Christmas and fill the house with banging and clanging noises while beating the life out of these drums. But unfortunately today I received an email saying that the $14.98 purchase I made for these drums was cancelled due to a glitch on the site. And if I want these drums, I’ll have to pay full price to the tune of $134. Make that $124 since Walmart graciously offered up a paltry $10 gift certificate for my trouble.

drum setReally Walmart? It’s ok to let customers with EBT cards gorge your grocery section and load their carts with food even when they knew they didn’t have enough food stamps to make the purchase, but you penalize working parents who unknowingly go online and patronize your store because YOU advertise the best deals and the best bargains yet you then snatch that deal right from under our Christmas tree even when we paid?

I understand that there is a huge discrepancy in those who paid $9 for a $600 projector but I would THINK that Walmart, whose revenue is the equivalent of most small country’s Gross Domestic Product, would have the heart to allow little children across the land to bask in a small blessing that allowed their parents to buy toys for a deeply discounted price. How would that hurt a retail GIANT like you Walmart? Just saying…

I really feel sorry for the families who prayed to God for a miracle this Christmas, for the one chance to bring some happiness into their homes with little presents to brighten up their kids spirits and now those toys they thought were a bargain were snatched back.

Well Walmart has every right to take them back, but in the spirit of the holiday season, it sure would have been nice to boast that Walmart had some REALLY LOW PRICES and for my little boy to get a real BANG (Ba-da-boom) for his buck out of that drum set. 

Now I’ll always wonder when I look at the Walmart website: What’s really low and what’s WHOA. I guess the lesson here is that if a price makes me go WHOA, I better beware and take it SLOW.

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