Disney turns up the magic in ‘Get a Horse’ short #DisneyFrozenEvent

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Disney turns up the magic in ‘Get a Horse’ short #DisneyFrozenEvent

There’s not much more you can do to enhance an 85-year-old mouse and make him better. Or so went the thought before veteran Disney animators remixed pixels and pixie dust to bring Mickey and his old-time friends together in an out-of-the-box and off the screen adventure in a short called:

Get a Horse!

disny anim studiosI spoke to those animators at the Disney Frozen red carpet event in LA last month and learned how they brought Mickey to life through a mix of 2-D and 3-D animation.The challenge was to make Mickey new and that’s pretty hard to do when you consider he’s been almost everything from an Epic Mickey to a Firefighter to an Exterminator. And that little mouse has been around for 85 long years, starting with humble beginnings on-screen as a skinny and frail mouse with arms and legs that could stretch to infinity as seen in early 1928 black and white cartoons. So it was a about taking Mickey out of the old and into the new with a great jolt and a big surprise! I don’t want to give it away but basically Mickey comes to life on-screen and pretty much INTO the theater that you’re in!

get a horse2Director Lauren MacMullan (“The Simpsons”) and the co-heads of Animation – Legendary Disney artist Eric Goldberg (“Aladdin,” “Pocahontas”) and talented CG animator Adam Green (“Tangled,” “Wreck-It Ralph”) were part of the team who created Get a Horse. 

get a horse crew
The team worked to revive the old-timely Mickey that people were used to; the Mickey that was more fluid with loose, body parts that flailed and the goal was to thrust Mickey into the new-age with CG. And Mickey brought some of his old friends back into the fold, like Minnie, Clarabell Cor, Horace Horsecollar and Peg-Leg Pete who we also got a chance to draw ourselves with a lesson from Eric Goldberg. Here’s my Pete and I must say, it’s pretty neat!
Even with the old-style look of the film , it’s all actually newly drawn. There was a lot of scuffing and scratching of the film going on to make it look like over exposed high contrast film, Goldberg said. 413

“We added gate weave, we have dust, scratches, ink blobs, gloom around the blacks to make it look like over exposed high contrast film…” said Goldberg.

And what makes this new film with an old-edge so truly remarkable is the fact that Mickey’s voice throughout the film is actually Walt Disney’s voice!  Leave it to Disney to find a way to infuse the man and the mouse together again!

“We had our editorial staff take all the shorts from 1928 through 1946 and pull all of Walt’s dialogue from the shorts. Sometimes it was just a word or a line. Then we changed up the reels a little bit just to make sure that we could stay, have it authentic to Walt’s voice,” said MacMullen. “With the exception of one word, um, that we couldn’t find the word ‘red’ anywhere. So we had our associate editor spend about two and a half weeks, and pulled an R/E/D from three different places of Walt’s voices and made the word ‘red.’”


Let me say this, I am not often surprised at things because I think I’ve seen just about everything there is to see. But when I saw Get a Horse it made me sit up straight in my seat and say “WOW.” I urge you to see it in a 3-D theater because you will be wowed too.Disney infuses the old Mickey movie stye but there is definitely a BIG TWIST when Mickey sort of come to life! I won’t spoil it for you’ve got to go see it for yourself!

I can’t wait to hear what you thought of Get a Horse! Or if you saw it, what did you like most about it?

Disclosure: I’m attending an all-expense paid trip, including airfare, hotel and meals to Los Angeles on behalf of Disney. All opinions in this post and future posts from this event are mine solely.

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