The Crazy Christmas Tree Chronicles – Real or Artificial?

December 6, 2013 Comments Off on The Crazy Christmas Tree Chronicles – Real or Artificial?
The Crazy Christmas Tree Chronicles – Real or Artificial?

So it’s that time of year, just a few weeks short of Christmas –a day I love and adore. And yes I’m that girl who loves to overdecorate and get all into the season with candy crafts, a zillion lights inside and outside the house and a big old Christmas tree to set things off! But this year was all about getting a NEW Christmas tree because of old artificial tree went dead and half of the lights were out. So I asked my Facebook friends should I go for a real tree or get another artificial one. I had never had a real tree as long as the kids could remember, so they were used to an artificial one. So the consensus on Facebook was that I should probably stick with an artificial tree because it made things easier. However many of my friends said they love real trees because of the small and the memories that come along with having a real tree. Some people actually go and cut the real tree down and search for their tree so that becomes a real family tradition. So because I wanted to create some memories for my kids I decided to go the REAL TREE route.

Except for one thing… getting a real tree was a DOOZIE and drove me crazy!

First we went to our local supermarket to get one of those trees they sell outside. Seemed good enough!



Then we put the tree in my new SUV and it was Pine Needle Palooza!! UGH!


Next we had to put the tree up, which was a challenge. It’s 9 feet tall so a ladder was needed. And it’s the worst seeing all those pine needles hot the floor. What a mess!


Taa-daa! We got the tree up!


…And DOWN goes our Fraser Fir! Apparently the base of the tree was so crooked we couldn’t stabilize it enough to stand up!


Sooo we took the tree back and here’s the store manager loading our new tree into our van…


Meanwhile I didn’t realize I’d have to buy SOOO many lights! Since our old artificial tree already had lights on it, it never dawned on me that I’d have to get a boatload of new lights. I spend upwards of $100 on lights alone!

End Result?

Merry Christmas from the Smiths!

177Whew what a messy situation. But we survived getting a real tree and it turned out very nice! But I probably won’t do that again! An artificial tree means less aggravation! Less Aggravation means a happy mommy and a happy mommy means everyone has a Merry Christmas!

What do you prefer? Real or artificial?

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