#GogoPlayfully Playday across the USA!

January 11, 2014 Comments Off on #GogoPlayfully Playday across the USA!
#GogoPlayfully Playday across the USA!

Today is GoGo Playday!

Did you book your “Play Day” is on www.GoGoPlayDay.com?

It unlocks a special coupon for GoGo squeeZ. This coupon will only be redeemable today, January 11th. Why January 11th? From now on, until the end of time, January 11th will forever be known as THE official Play Day. Tons of fun planned, so hope you join the fun!

11 cities across the country, including Aspen, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Miami and Tampa.

How will you play today?

gogo playday jojo

In addition, GoGo squeeZ is making 1:11pm (clever, eh?) the official GoGo time for pop up playfulness in each U.S. time zone.  The squeeZ Squad will be everywhere from Herald Square to the Santa Monica pier in cities across the U.S. and you can check out Facebook for clues on how to get in on our Play Day kick-off’s in each time zone.  Plus, you can throw your own Play Day at home, and share your photos, videos, and stories with us!

So #GoGoPlayfully and share an Instagram photo or video, tweet, Facebook post, Vine video?  Please tag your post with #GoGoPlayfully. 

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