Enter the #KidsDreamingBig Scholarship contest and a chance to meet @CynthiaBailey10

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Enter the #KidsDreamingBig Scholarship contest and a chance to meet @CynthiaBailey10
Back in the day, I remember when my mom would sit me down and mix up a homemade hair growth concoction of eggs and mayo and oil to put on my hair and she would work up a lather and tell me how beautiful I was. See, my hair was shorter than many of my white friends in Northeast Philly and I was confused about why my hair wasn’t “yellow” like most of them and unsure if I was as cute as they were.
One day my mom pulled out some Ebony and Jet magazines and showed me pictures of beautiful back models with Afros and short hair cuts, standing tall like warrior princesses who were proud of their beautiful coiled and coiffed manes.
While my mom worked her magic on my hair with her homemade mix, she also massaged my soul with her comforting words about my beauty. It made me confident in myself and it was enough to keep me holding my head up high and combat the bullies who often picked on me. I treasure those talks with my mom and those moments made me confident and inspired me to always be the BEST me! And I make it a habit to share the love about beauty with my own little girls. They are way more confident than I ever was at their age. And I’m happy to share my special moments and special talks I had with my mom as part of a wonderful DreamKids campaign.
DREAMKIDS When I grow up

DreamKids Hair Care presents “When I Grow Up: Talks with Mom” Series

I’m featured on the DreamKids Facebook page HERE sharing my special talk with mom. Stop by and check it out and LIKE the page!

DREAMKIDS scholarship

“Kids Dreaming Big” National Scholarship Contest:
African Pride DreamKids Hair Care Collection and fred’s Super Dollar have come together to create the first annual “Kids Dreaming Big” national scholarship contest.  The “Kids Dreaming Big” contest is open to children grades 3 – 5 and encourages the next generation to achieve great success through the beauty of education. The scholarship will award six winners with a total of $3,000 worth of scholarships and an all-expense paid trip to Atlanta to meet Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey and her daughter Noelle Robinson. For more information, visit Facebook.com/SONDreamKids.
African Pride DreamKids Hair Care collection, in conjunction with general merchandiser fred’s Super Dollar, announce the first annual “Kids Dreaming Big” national scholarship contest. The “Kids Dreaming Big” contest, opened to youth grades 3 – 5,  encourages the next generation to believe in the beauty of their dreams and provides a national platform to pursue them. From January 5th – February 24, 2014, kids can visit www.fredInc.com to submit their essay application to register for the contest. Six winners will be selected to win a $500 scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to Atlanta, Georgia,  for a meet and greet with Cynthia Bailey (Real Housewives of Atlanta Star) and daughter Noelle Robinson on Saturday, April 5th at Fred’s Inc.  Strength of Nature Global, the makers of African Pride DreamKids, upholds a strong corporate stance on supporting the family unit and truly believes in being a cheerleader behind today’s youth as they step out on their dreams. “We understand the unconditional sacrifices every parent lovingly makes for their kids – the extra kisses, dedication of time, and fueling their imaginations.  As a brand we strongly believe that every child, no matter the adversity they face in life, has the right to dream and we have partnered with fred’s Super Dollar to make this a reality”, states Charlene Dance (National Marketing Director, Strength of Nature Global, LLC).

 Tracing its history back to an original store in Coldwater, Mississippi, opening in 1947, today Fred’s Inc. is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and operates over 700 discount general merchandise stores, including 24 franchised fred’s Super Dollar, mainly across the southeastern states. fred’s Super Dollar, along with African Pride DreamKids believe in offering truly affordable beauty and through the “Kid’s Dreaming Big” contest, both brands have joined forces to foster the dreams oftomorrow.

 For more information on the “Kid’s Dreaming Big” contest visit www.fredsInc.com and to join the conversation follow @MyAfricanPride, @FredsInc and the hashtag #KidsDreamingBig


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