4 Ways to Organize Kids’ Rooms

March 21, 2014 Comments Off on 4 Ways to Organize Kids’ Rooms
4 Ways to Organize Kids’ Rooms

By Emily Creswick of Zillow

Tired of staring at messy bedrooms? Kick off this year’s spring cleaning frenzy with a major bedroom overhaul. An organized room creates a functional living space for a child and instills tidying habits at a young age. Plus, cleanliness gives parents peace of mind.

Here are some easy tips to tame clutter, optimize space and organize children’s bedrooms.

1.       Damage Control

Start by reviewing the dimensions of the room and evaluating what is and isn’t working for the overall flow. Furniture size should be to scale with the space. Avoid oversized items which crowd rooms and make them feel tighter. Use closets, storage shelves, baskets and containers to clear  floor space so children have room to live and play. Assess function and accessibility of each area of the room including sleeping, recreation and storage areas. Once the optimal layout is agreed upon, it’s time to move on to specifics.

 2.       Remove the Surplus

Get a fresh start in the space by removing any furniture that doesn’t get used, such as outgrown play stools, tables and rocking chairs. Eliminate  outgrown and seasonal clothing to donate or put in storage. Do the same for old or rarely used toys. Adopt the idea of a toy library, where toys are prioritized and swapped out weekly; excess toys are stored away neatly in cupboards. For quick storage solutions, include a few bins around the room where kids can put items when picking up or playing with other toys.

 3.       Choose Kid-Friendly Furniture and Accessories

Multipurpose furniture provides seating, additional storage and sleeping solutions. Beds with built-in drawers underneath are great space savers while bunk beds and trundles are perfect for shared rooms and sleepovers because they don’t require floor space unless in use. Select cost-effective furniture with easy-to-clean surfaces such as melamine. For accessories, choose low-maintenance pieces such as cushions with machine-washable covers and low-pile carpet.

 4.       Encourage Good Habits

Keep kids motivated to stay organized by including bedroom checklists. Include a bedroom chalk board with a task chart to stay organized and feel accomplished. Add racks for coats and shoes to teach kids from a young age that personal belongings have dedicated places when not in use. Also, include a hamper to avoid a dirty clothes pile-up in the middle of the floor.

These simple design and functionality fixes take the stress out of everyday living and eliminate the constant “clean your room!” nagging by parents. See more kid bedroom design inspiration on Zillow.


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