Bringing SEXY Back!

March 13, 2014 Comments Off on Bringing SEXY Back!
Bringing SEXY Back!

The weekend of March 2nd, I felt so sexy. I’m not at my ideal weight but getting dressed up for my husband’s surprise 50th birthday and getting a professional make-up job, getting my hair and nails done, made me feel like the bell of the ball! And it helped I lost 17 pounds too. me in dressAnd to top it all off I bought a form-fitting, sexy black dress with golden jewels and I sparkled. I didn’t care one bit that it was short or that my thick legs were making their own statement or that all eyes were on me!

Accompanied by a bad-ass pair of gold strappy heels I felt every bit of sexy all through my bones. And not only were all eyes were on me, my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me. What he saw again was the sexy kitten he fell in love with 13 years ago.

me and rudy2Yes our husbands will love us at whatever weight and it’s great my husband has never made a mention of my weight gain, but I think it’s a wonderful thing when you can get back to what you used to be. For a moment in time I was that gal. And although life and kids have consumed me and sometimes keeps me from being the best me, my goal from here on out is to continue to let him see my sexy. We as women should never lose our sexy and become frumpy old women way before our time. Men are visual creatures and they want us to bring our sexy back.

me rudys cousins

Be the gal he fell in love it; that drew his eyes to you. Give him that WOW factor even when he’s not expecting it. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. I haven’t worn a short dress in 10 years. I wore one and took myself out of my comfort zone and for me it was exhilarating. Make a point to get your nails done, or to get your hair done PROFESSIONALLY or even a nice makeup job at your local MAC counter. Come home with your face all done up and throw on a nice sexy outfit and see how your husband will react. Be a bad girl for the night. It doesn’t matter what size you are. Sexiness is inside of you. It’s not a size. Surprise him by being a sexy beast for the night. And then make it the norm. Ghandi said “Be the Change you want to see.” Well I say, “BE THE WOMAN YOUR HUSBAND WANTS TO SEE!” Have fun!2 punkin me

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