Exclusive: My Captain America set visit and pic with Chris! #CaptainAmerica

March 6, 2014 Comments Off on Exclusive: My Captain America set visit and pic with Chris! #CaptainAmerica
Exclusive: My Captain America set visit and pic with Chris! #CaptainAmerica

It was a dark and steamy night. Camera lights flashed and the film crew dashed and people were hushed all around as cameras rolled and stars strolled and took their places and belted out their lines on cue.

CUT! Take One! Take Two!

BehindtheScenesChrisOK, I’m being a little dramatic here but I am talking about the making of Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, which is all kinds of dramatic with high-flying stunts of skill and a man with an armor shield, aka Chris Evans, who I actually met- ON SET during the filming of Captain America last April. And it’s coming out in this April 4th!

Yeah the cool stuff bloggers get to do.

Chris is all kinds of tall and staturely just like you would imagine he’d be on screen. He towered over us ladies and he was kind and sweet in a kick-ass type of way lol.

KiaBeckyBrandyVeraTammileeDuring the set visit we learned all about the making of the shields used in the Captain America movie and I actually got to take a pic with it. Yeah, I’m bad… I’m bad…

Kia Cap America ShieldBut we also got to watch actual movie scenes being filmed. In fact, it was THIS scene right here!

I am SO excited because I actually saw THIS scene being filmed!! I was there on-set! Super cool! The actor in the scene Frank Grillo who plays Brock Rumlow, must have said his lines a zillion times because he kept stumbling. I started to feel sorry for him at some point. LOL But he got it right and the movie is tight!

(By the way advance tickets go on sale today so head over to Fandango.com to purchase them.)

What I can tell you this. Acting is not easy. They must have done a million takes and kept saying the same lines over and over and over and I swear if it were me, I’d probably just say, “WHATEVER! Let’s move on!” But that’s why Chris gets paid the big bucks!

One actor got so flustered during a take that he dropped the f-bomb because he kept flubbing his lines. Scarlett Johansson had to spit out her gum because it was distracting during the take. And by the way, she is a tiny little thing who I thought was gonna karate chop me in the throat and throw me off the Quinjet or something. I dunno. She just looked little and tough. Glad I got to see her.

Cap2FilmImageThere was an actual Quinjet on set! You know, you’ve seen it a million times in the movie. Well it was actually half a jet and not as jazzy as the one with get to see in the actual movie. There was enough of it to climb aboard but nothing fancy inside but a bunch of cameras that the actors look into.

There’s also a lot of sitting around on set in between takes and tinkering with the set. When Chris wasn’t reciting his lines, he sat in his tight, black leathery-looking Captain America suit and chilled. We stayed on set for about 3-4 hours. And when the bell rang, that meant you couldn’t breathe or cough and you betta not had let so much as a cell phone ring! It was an exciting day!

The movie comes out April 4th … And you can thank me now for being a part of bringing you such an amazing movie! OK, maybe not. I’m just being dramatic again. 🙂

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER releases in theaters everywhere on April 4th!

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