On the weight loss journey: 17 pounds down

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On the weight loss journey: 17 pounds down

I have to admit it seems like I’ve said it a million times – “I’m gonna lose weight.”weight loss

And unrealistically when I didn’t lose a substantial weight like 30 pounds in 30 days I thought I was a big failure.The truth is you can’t lose 30 pounds of fat in 30 days unless you are really big and killing yourself working out like the folks on the biggest loser. It just ain’t happenin. So clear your mind of that thought!

My weight loss regimen used to go like this: I’d lose a bit of weight, feel a little sexy and let that just be it. Then my love for all things cupcakes, cookies and pizza would come a-creeping and the next thing you know I’ve gained the weight back accompanied by a ton more of unwanted pounds protruding from my tummy. Then there are the whispers from folks who knew you in your skinny days:

“She used to be so skinny.”

“She let herself go.”

“She had all those babies and now look at her.”

“She’s lost it.”

OK, yes it’s a real battle royale of the bulge and I’ve been the biggest loser. I can take that. *Insert L-shaped finger on my head*

But guess what… I’m on my way BACK! 17 pounds GONE! If I lost something I damn sure found it because fit is looking FAB on me!

me in dressHere you go haters and those who talked about me so bad... Have a SEAT!

haters chair2LOL Just jokes.

But I’ve learned it takes more more than a hope and wish and a prayer to lose weight. So I had to get serious. And I did it by asking myself, how can someone so “together” in all other facets of my life, stay so out-of-control with my cravings? Self-evaluation is key. Look within to see what’s going on with YOU.

Then I started on a journey of really educating myself about food and nutrition–Not dieting. So many of us try and fail and try and fail to diet and lose weight. Some people end up giving up and packing on so many pounds that they become extremely obese and lose all hope to lose the weight. So what did it take for me to lose 17 pounds in two months?

Well like I said I started educating myself and reading up and watching videos like this. http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/

I won’t talk about that video too much more than to say get it! You have to change your mind and your thought process about food first.

For all of us who are fat but are successfully committed to this journey, this IS a sisterhood and we can share tidbits about how to conquer this together. That’s a wonderful thing. So I would suggest finding a group of some sort you can be a part of. For me it’s great because I work for the site HealthyMommyHappyBaby.com and I am ALWAYS researching and looking up healthy recipes, food, tips and lifestyle suggestions. It helps.

 Get your life in order first!

Well January 1st, I once again declared this was going to be the year. In September 2013, I turned 40 and was sad I wasn’t 40 and fit as I declared I would be. Weight loss is hard because food is so good. As I mentioned before, what’s helping me THIS time and what’s finally turning the table for me is that for the FIRST time in my life, I’m not dieting.

What do I mean?

I’ve decided to drastically change how I eat—FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Mind over Matter.

That means that what I eat now I will continue to eat even when I get the next 50 pounds off. I now eat for nutrition and not for pleasure (like I used to). People fail at diets because for a limited amount of time they cut out all kinds of things temporarily only to indulge in eating like they used to later. That video I mentioned above helps to change your perspective. You have to fall out of love with food. So here’s what I’m doing differently:

  • Limit Carbs: White Bread is out. Period. Substitute white bread for whole grain or multi-grain bread. Bread made from refined white flour is certainly not good for your health. Here’s why:

White bread is made from refined white flour containing several unwholesome constituents and very little in the way of nutrients and dietary fiber, essential for a healthy digestive system and a stable metabolism. This is why:

Refined white flour is produced from the whole wheat grain which is then subjected to the refining process which removes all traces of the husk, or bran and along with it all the goodness contained in the grain. It is then bleached using chemical bleaching agents which contain chlorine and dried in kilns at high temperature to kill any remaining beneficial constituents.

This insipid, bland, tasteless powder then has gluten added, which is a product that an increasing number of people are becoming allergic to, which helps to produce a more evenly risen and air filled loaf. A standard white loaf of bread also has sugar added to enable the baker’s yeast to “prove” the dough and make it rise. Salt is also added to check the progress of the yeast and prevent the loaf from rising too much, or over-proving.

Eating mass produced white bread can be somewhat likened to eating cardboard, such is its blandness and lack of any useful dietary benefit whatsoever. Small bakery bread and home made loaves usually taste a little better but because refined white flour is used in their production, there is still no health benefit.

With that said I will never eat white bread again and I hope you don’t either!

  • Try Juicing: I’ve realized that there is no way I can get in the amount of daily fruit and veggies that my body needs if I don’t juice. As humans are bodies are equipped to live a vegetarian lifestyle. So at least embrace a bit of it! I bought a juicer and I grind, Kale, Spinach, apples, carrots, lemon and my favorite, Ginger in the juicer and it sucks out the juice and makes a tasty treat for me. Now with a juicer, feel free to try a variety of veggies and fruits. There is no one best recipe or no particular way to do it. It’s all up to you! After a month of juicing I actually cured my anemia. I no longer have to take iron pills. Juicing this way did it automatically. My best suggestion to juicing is to shop at a farmer’s market because it takes a LOT of fruit and veggies to consistently makes juice throughout the day. This is actually my little juicing corner in my kitchen. And you can see my husband juicing below.


  •  Healthy snacking: Cookies will leave you feeling empty and hungry. Leave them alone. Some of my favorite snacks are Hummus and crackers or pretzels but there’s a clear consensus that a lot of people don’t like Hummus. It’s good to me! hummusAlso some of my other favorite snacks include cutting open an avocado and sprinkling just a lil salt and scooping it out and eating it. It’s ok to have a small amount of salt. It’s an essential electrolyte and as long as you are cutting out processed foods then you are probably not overdoing your salt intake. Pistachios are also a WONDERFUL snack and it takes about 47 nuts to equal one serving! That’s a LOT of nuts!! Another great snack for me is yogurt. The probiotics in them are helping to attack belly fat!


  • Cut out Processed Food: I do have my cheat day during the month. My husband and I will go out to a restaurant and I will eat what I want. You have to have a cheat day but don’t make that day two, or three or four or five days during the month! Calories add up to pounds!
eating out

Our cheat day at Nancy’s Pizza last month!

Make sure to cut-out processed food. I don’t eat anything bagged up anymore. I just don’t. I know this seems hard but it’s not as hard as you think. I don’t eat processed chicken nuggets or hot dogs or any of that crap they make and put in a bag in the freezer department of the local grocery store that we are supposed to grab and go eat.

I haven’t worked out as much as I should but this month I am starting a cycling class and I’ll tell you more about that later. These are just a few of the things I’m doing.  And after two months, I’m actually really used to eating like this so it’s not a big deal for me. The first few weeks will be your hardest. Then your body will adjust. For instance, yesterday I actually CRAVED an avocado! Nom Nom… LOL

And although I’ve got a ways to go to lose 50 more pounds, time goes by FAST! I’m glad I got two months under my belt and I stuck with it. And even with my thick self, I am LOVING me and the results of my weight loss so far. My goal is 8-10 pounds a month. I’m not yet ready to reveal my start weight. Hopefully by April I will update you and REVEAL the start weight and the current weight at the time. That will be a milestone for me!

I have had people basically tell me in so many words I wouldn’t accomplish my goal. And my response to them is: Just watch me. BAM!

me in dress

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