The Big Reveal: My Husband Rudy’s Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration!

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The Big Reveal: My Husband Rudy’s Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration!

Finally the cat’s out of the bag!

After months of secrecy, plotting and planning and connecting with Rudy’s family and old friends, I surprised Rudy in the biggest way with a 50th Birthday Bash in Philadelphia at the Parkside Banquet Hall at 4942 Parkside Ave! To the man who deserves everything, CHEERS to you!

me and rudy2

We look good together.

RUDYBDAYPARTY2This is the LOVE of my life. My best friend, father of my children and I simply adore and admire this great man! It meant everything to me to throw this party! And keeping it a secret was super hard to do!! To accomplish this I had to really throw him off track! We share everything so when I started to get secretive about money it really made having the party a little difficult. My poor husband admits now he started to wonder if I needed money counseling since money was disappearing and I didn’t have answers for where it was going! So I pretty much sacrificed his trust in me a bit to get this accomplished. But it’s OK, now he knows and appreciates this party in the biggest way! With my mom Janice’s help, we were able to plan out a celebration that was one for the record books!

Also thanks to one of Rudy’s best friends Darryl Stevenson for helping to get names of Rudy’s former co-workers in Philly from the Water Dept and the Human Relations Commission.

rudy and darryl

Rudy and one of his best friends Darryl.

The moment Rudy and I and the kids walked in! He was shocked! He thought he was coming to my sister’s wedding!

rudy walked in

Rudy was immediately greeted by some of the most important people in his life like his three sisters: Adriene who came all the way from Georgia for the occasion, and his sisters Sharon and Mare all of their kids.

rudy sistersIt was truly a special day and even Rudy’s 87-year-old Aunt Mildred came out to represent! AMAZING!

SAM_1055 SAM_1057My mom ran all over the city with me, prepping and getting this event together. I got some food catered and she cooked the rest! Thank you Mom! I couldn’t have done it without you! And by the way her dress was fierce! Look at us GLOW!

SAM_1091Those who know Rudy KNOW that his past was all about kickboxing and martial arts and he was GOOD at it. He’s got many trophies at our home so it was only fitting to get a trophy cake made! Thank you to Cakes by Kharis for this wonderful trophy cake. It was so GOOD!

SAM_1087SAM_1086 rudy with trophy cakeAnd an even bigger surprise was the fact that I found Rudy’s kickboxing teacher Mwanzo Umeme Mpingo Maharibi from the Vita Saana Martial Arts school in Philly. That truly surprised Rudy!


girls w aunts

This is a beautiful picture of our girls with their aunts Adriene, Mare and Sharon. Love this picture!

rudy girls n aunts

Mikaela doesn’t look amused! LOL

Rudy cousins came out in force too! I’m pictured here with his cousin Utandrya her daughter and another cousin and Rudy’s niece Trice. (Mare’s daughter)

me rudys cousins

Me Rudy and his daughter Shanae. Oh and that little boy with the attitude.

Me, Rudy and his daughter Shanae. Oh and that little boy with the attitude. LOL

 Here is Rudy’s other Daughter Shanta with Mikaela. They look cute and they look alike!

mikaela and shantaAnd Shanta and Jojo!

jojo shantaOf course my family and friends came out to support as well. My girlfriend Nia Austin and her daughter Noelle, my brothers Shawn, Wayne and Robert and brother from another mother Darryl James Murphy and my Dj Cory DST Hatch and my friend Renee Rochester too!

And speaking of my DJ, Cory DST was amazing and played all the old school jams and good music! I just love Cory and didn’t want anyone else but him to DJ this party. Thank you Cory for making this night extra special!

SAM_1109And if you haven’t noticed, I worked extra, extra hard for the past two months to shed those holiday pounds, 17 pounds in all! I lost those pounds by juicing and changing my eating habits but god knows I still have 50 pounds to go! But at least the 17 pounds helped me to look fab in my little dress showing a LOTTA leg! Yes I did! LOL Dress by$67!

Quick tip about Dress Lily, you will find online forums that say this site is fake. It’s not true. This site is real. My dress came straight from China and because of that it takes at least 3 weeks to get it because it goes through customs. My advice. Order in advance, pay for tracking and pay for your purchase through Paypal so in case you never receive it, you are guaranteed to get your money back. I got my dress so I don’t know what’s the problem.

me in dressAnd my makeup was FLAWLESS thanks to Jenece Horton of FaceArt by Jenece. She’s my good friend and she’s a great makeup artist. She took her time and made me feel like a star that night. The makeup made the whole ensemble better! Thank you Jenece. She’s based in Philly and you an book her at And I was super happy to see my friend Author Daaimah S. Poole. These are amazing ladies. By the way Daaimah is a renowned Author and has a new book out Pretty Girls in the VIP! Check out her collection at

SAM_1098And speaking of good friends, one of Rudy’s best friends Mike Greco came out and celebrated with us along with his wife Joan. This is Rudy’s homie right here. They are very close even with us being 900 miles away.



My friend since high school, Sharisse Stanton

And I can’t forget to thank my brother from another mother James Darryl Murphy for many of these wonderful pictures! Darryl is a wonderful artist who crafts beautiful, detailed pieces of glass artwork at Please check out his site, he has the MOST amazing works of Art! Darryl is pictured on the far right below.


DJ Cory DST, My brother Shawn, Rob and Wayne and my brother from another mother, Darryl Murphy


Me and my friend Nia Austin and her cute daughter Noelle. So happy she made it out! Thanks Nia! xoxo

My friend Sarun Thornton and her husband Tommy came out too. I’m sooo mad that I didn’t get to take a picture with them. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off! But I REALLY wanted a pic with Sarun! This is the one thing I can’t get past I didn’t do!

tommy sarun

And there was lots of dancing and partying going on!

The Ambiance

tableRudy and his former co-workers

SAM_1028 SAM_1027

SAM_1032 SAM_1030


My brother Robert and my nephews Robert and Ryan


Rudy’s cousin Kim


One of Rudy’s former co-workers Butch.


My brother Robert cuttin up!


Rudy and his homie, his uncle Vince!

2 punkin me

Me and my aunt Lavonne. But we call her Punkin


Me and Uncle Pat


My sis Shanice and her boyfriend


Me and Mikaela. She’s a little party animal!


Mikaela and my oldest brother Dwayne

shawn and simonia

My brother Shawn dancing with his wife Simonia

Taya and Rudy

Rudy’s daughter Shanta, Uncle Larry and nieces and Shanta’s husband

rudy and fam

Rudy sister Sharon, niece trice and Niya, Tiana and cousin Dinita

9 nicole

Me and friend Nicole

8 punkin

Mikaela and aunt Punkin

7 mare

Me and Rudy’s youngest sister Mare

5 simonia

Sis in aw Simonia and niece Celena

4 me and fam

Brother Wayne, mom and Brother Robert

6 rudy And thank you to all Rudy’s family and friends for coming out and celebrating this special day! A special thank you to my mom Janice for helping to pan and doing a lot of running around and helping to cook the food AND for setting up the hall! Thank you to Rudy’s best friend Darryl for sending over dozens of addresses of former co-workers and Thank you to Rudy’s cousin Shelly for connecting me with members of Rudy’s family!

Since I met this man 13 years ago he has been everything to me. He’s the kindest, sweetest, most gentle and loving person I know and he has LOVED me unconditionally. Through thick and thin. He is my inspiration. He co-writes me, incites and he’s my BEST friend. I LOVE you Rudy. This party was just a small token from me to you from my heart and soul. i can never repay you for all you have given me. But I hope my love, respect and friendship is more than enough to last 50+ more years with you! Happy Birthday Babe and I look forward to celebrating many, many more outstanding birthdays with you!

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  1. Janelle King March 5, 2014 at 11:51 pm -

    You looked AMAZING! Looks like it was a great hit. Great job!

  2. cincomom March 5, 2014 at 11:55 pm -

    Aww Thank you Janelle! We had a ball!!! xoxo!