@Porsha4Real Stands Up Against a Bully — I’ve Been There

April 21, 2014 Comments Off on @Porsha4Real Stands Up Against a Bully — I’ve Been There
@Porsha4Real Stands Up Against a Bully — I’ve Been There

I will never ever forget in 9th grade being a student at John Bartram Freshman Center and being picked on by a girl named Lisa.

Lisa (and others I won’t name) constantly picked on me, pulled my hair, called me names and poked and prodded me. Nobody helped me. Teachers didn’t care. And my so-called friends stayed clear so they wouldn’t become the victim. I was called ugly, black, bald-headed and many other piercing words to rip my heart and soul out and diminish my character. Nobody stood up to help a poor little black girl who was being picked on because black girls weren’t important. We weren’t expected to achieve anything or even make our way out the hood. So why put your time and energy into elevating a black girl, right?

It was totally acceptable for Lisa and others to pick on me while I was supposed to deal with it and not say a word or dime her out. I was supposed to just look past her finger pointing a half-inch from my eye and her taunts with the trash she would throw at me. See, if you dime someone out (that means tell on them) in the hood, then the repercussions or even worst. Expect to continue to get laughed at and humiliated and yes beat up. Even now a school in Nebraska gave the most idiotic advice when they told students why they should not tell on bullies and practically tried to shame them for reporting incidents with bullies while sending the wrong message to bullies that it’s OK to do their dirty work.

But there comes a time when ENOUGH is ENOUGH. That was evident last night as seen on the Real Housewives of Atlanta when Porsha Stewart grabbed and dragged old-beauty-queen Kenya Moore after Kenya constantly poked a scepter in her face, followed by screaming through a bullhorn.  I don’t care how classy you might want to be, there comes a time when you might have to commence to whupping ass. And Kenya wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash. Ching Ching and Ding Ding Porsha! It was on!

Violence isn’t the answer, mindsets need to change. But every now and then you do have to check a bitch. And Kenya is a bitch and a bully.

Porsha dragged KenyaI thought Kenya was petty and classless. And I was actually proud of Porsha. Kenya was being a BULLY just like the schoolyard bullies in elementary school and the one I tolerated in 9th grade. No one deserves to be bullied and have to stand by and deal with it because of what others think. Porsha did the right thing. And hopefully it will show others on the Real Housewives franchise that no one has a right to bully people and you don’t have to stand for it. I was bullied badly as a kid. And like I said, even right now, if someone jumps in my face and does what Kenya did to Porsha, I will beat the living daylights out of them. I don’t care what people say especially when their opinions don’t pay my bills. It’s not classless. It’s HEROIC for standing UP for yourself.

madeaI wish that these women would use their power and position to RAISE UP and send positive messages to young girls and become a role model. There is SOOO much they could do with their platform, especially Kenya. But obviously Kenya doesn’t care about young women or she wouldn’t make it her life’s work to antagonize her cast members week after week, flirt with people’s husbands, act like a tramp and trample on her friends feelings and antagonize them with props to push them over the edge.

We tell women NOT to take it if their man is being verbally abusive but it’s OK if your girlfriend verbally abuses you. “Just sit there and take it girl. Let her be crazy.” We have got to do better… What Kenya did was wrong and Porsha DID NOT and SHOULD NOT have had to tolerate it!

I can’t get with the folks who say Porsha should have “kept it classy.” Forget about class. You have a right to whup ass if a bully has the balls to confront you like Kenya did. Last time I checked class couldn’t pay my car note. So forget about trying to please folks who need to sit DOWN. Stand UP and show bullies that their ratchet behavior will have repercussions. You can’t provoke someone and think you won’t pay the price. That’s unrealistic and even the most calm person has their limits.

  • You can’t stab a dog and think it won’t bite.
  • You can’t pinch a cat and think it won’t scratch.
  • You can’t scare a bear and think it won’t tear into your ass.
  • You can’t roar at a lion and think it won’t rip your head off. You get the point.

We are only human and you can’t provoke and prod someone with a scepter and a bullhorn and call them names and beat then down mentally and emotionally and think they won’t snap.

kenya with scepterLike I said everyone has their limits.

And remember the girl Lisa who used to pick on me? One day I was sitting in Physical Science class and I had a lollipop in my mouth. Lisa walked past me and smacked it out of my mouth. Then she started laughing profusely. At that moment I had had enough and like Popeye, that’s all I could stand, I couldn’t STANDS no more! After Lisa sat down at her table, I got up, walked over to her and commenced to beating the living hell out of her. I SHOCKED EVERYONE and it was the TALK OF THE SCHOOL. The skinny little black girl who was constantly picked on had heart! And you know what, I didn’t even get in trouble. Like I said, the school didn’t care. I had to take care of myself!

And you know what, for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR Lisa NEVER EVER picked on me again!

Mission Accomplished.

Sometimes you have to open up a can of whup. It can be quite refreshing.

BRAVO Porsha! (No pun intended cause you know, she’s ON Bravo)

See the fight below. You be the judge.

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