Swinging from Shower Rods: 5 Ways to Keep Sex Saucy in the Bedroom

April 17, 2014 2 Comments »
Swinging from Shower Rods: 5 Ways to Keep Sex Saucy in the Bedroom

BUY Mimi’s Shower Rod!

OK, Let me just say this: I’m not swinging from nobody’s shower rod. That’s out. I ain’t doing it for my husband OR the VINE! (I ain’t gonna do it!) But Mimi Faust from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta on the other hand, did it for the Vine and everybody else in the world when the Love and Hip-Hop hood star decided to tape a video having sex with her boyfriend Nikko. mimi2

I thought long and hard about their situation and I’m going to reserve judgment and not say a word. For one, having sex not wrong. We all gets down. If you’ve got kids that means you got hot and heavy breathing in the bedroom. But what’s messed up is that Mimi allowed herself to be pimped by Nikko and produce a tape with her ass out and intimate sexual moments broadcast for all the world to see. And that the fact that she has a daughter and one day that child will have to deal with what her mom has done. We all have a past and I’m far from perfect. But you should never leave a legacy that defines you as a porno hoe.

OK, I guess I’m judging. But I’m not going to go into a holier than thou commentary about what she should and should not have done. At the end of the day we live in a democratic, FREE society and if people CHOSE to be porn stars then so be it. Isn’t that the right we all fought for? The right to make our own choices? And Mimi is not important enough to make an argument as if she was Michelle Obama or something. We are putting her up on a pedestal as if she was a literary scholar who fell short and shocked us. No, she’s not. She was struggling in those streets for years, following behind Stevie J and allowing him to dog her out in the worst way. Should we expect anything more from someone who doesn’t respect themselves or hold herself to a standard? What she IS came out in the wash for all of us to see.

Let this go. She’s just a broke chick, who used her platform to get more bucks. Let it be what it is and let it go.

Now, with that said, if you saw a clip of the video (which I may or may not have seen) you would have seen that Mimi had quite some skills, swinging from shower rods while riding her boo better than Beyonce rode that “serfboardt.” lol

Quite impressive. And quite dangerous. I broke my ankle in two places coming off a curb wrong some 7 years ago. Like hell if I’m gonna swing from a dang shower rod trying to impress Rudy while he’s getting booty. Like I said, I ain’t gonna do it.

But what we ladies can do is try some other saucy ways to keep it just as spicy and exciting in the bedroom. Peep this from Glamour Mag:

  1. Role-Play the Opposite of Your Personalities

    Is your guy a go-getter who handles everything in your relationship? Tie him to the bedpost. Is he on the shy side and lets you call all the shots? Hand him some bondage tape and tell him to take over. Most people like to play a role in bed that’s not what they play in real life.

  2. Do That Thing He’s Always Begging You to Do

    Most men are pretty vocal about their sexual fantasies. It’s the male equivalent of our nagging them to pick up their socks. Does your guy really, really want you to dance for him? Dress up like a French maid, perhaps? Since you’re the only woman he’s allowed to have sex with and all, it’s worth a try!

  3. Try Any Position You’ve Never Done Before

    Doing new things together is a bonding experience, and let’s be honest—it’s probably been a while since either of you did something new in bed. Just throw out a sex position, or ask him if there’s one he’s never tried, and go for it. Best case? Someone loves it. Worst case? You have a good laugh.

  4. Have Sex When You Don’t Really Feel Like It

    Let me be clear: Never do anything you really don’t want to do. However, relationships are about compromise, so if you’re turning him down more than you’re turning him on, you might consider some pro bono (he-he!) sex once in a while. It will go a long way in your relationship, because once a guy feels neglected or rejected, he might stop trying to do all those things you like too.

  5. Treat Him Like a Sex Object Sometimes

    What kind of sex do people have during affairs? The kind of sex where clothes get ripped and lamps get broken. A lot of people crave that kind of passion, which we all know is hard to maintain when you’ve slept together literally hundreds of times. So consider it an investment in your monogamy and treat him like the jerky-but-so-hot football player you wanted just one night with in college and take the guy. He’ll like it, promise.


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  1. Alexis Brown April 17, 2014 at 7:59 pm -

    Lol at the video clip that you may or may not have seen. I definitely agree with the list on how to spice things up. The last tip actually rang true fit me cuz once I started saying “yes” more than no recently, honeyyyyyyyyy….I immediately noticed how much more my husband was attentive to me and when I would ask for something he would also say yes. With the Mimi issue, I’m disgusted at her her relaxed attitude about the porno she made. It wasn’t a sex tape. It was straight porn. I’ve not seen the video but from others have said, it was a video that had very good editing abs equipment. I’m over talking about her but I do want to know where a big girl like me can get a mimi rod. Lol! #mimirods

  2. cincomom April 17, 2014 at 9:50 pm -

    You got me cracking up Alexis!!