@TheCommDOC_ Gives Parents Online Access to a Doctor By Snapping a Pic and Sending

April 29, 2014 Comments Off on @TheCommDOC_ Gives Parents Online Access to a Doctor By Snapping a Pic and Sending
@TheCommDOC_ Gives Parents Online Access to a Doctor By Snapping a Pic and Sending

CommDoc logoThis year I’ve already taken my 7-year-old daughter Milan to the doctor four times for a throat infection. She’s a finger-sucker and prefers her middle two fingers rather than her thumb. And her little dirty fingers seem to always find their way to the back of her throat causing an infection. Right now she’s on antibiotics and no matter what, I always have to stop, drop and roll on over to the doctor’s office to get her looked at and prescribed Amoxicillin. I have to take care of my kids, but at the same time I can’t keep taking time away from work.

Now imagine if I could just call the doctor from home. Snap a cell phone picture of Milan and her issue, send it to the doctor and get a prescription sent right to the pharmacy—all done while in my pajamas.  Now THAT would be progress and it’s actually a REALITY!

I was happy to hear from TheCommDOC.Com, an app that EVERY mother needs.

TheCommDOC  gives you the ability to skip the doctor’s office and be able to get prescriptions and talk to a doctor over the phone. You can call and send pictures to quickly diagnose problems with your family so you spend less time away from work and home and more time on the important things in life. Best of all it’s around 24/7 available at any time for you at a low price of either $14.95 or $19.95 a month. <<That’s the price of my co-pay and surely beats paying that $200 emergency room fee!

And if you’re concerned about taking a picture and sending it to a doctor online, just know that these are certified doctors. And it’s a sign of the changing times. These days people are getting surgeries from doctors working at remote locations using machinery while not even being in the same room as the patient! We’ve got to be more forward-thinking moms! And TheCommDoc is introducing a great way for us to get serviced in a way that fits into our busy lifestyles! It’s definitely worth checking out.

So when do you use it?

  • Primary Care Doctor is not available or accessible.
  • After normal business hours, evening, and weekends.
  • When traveling for business or vacation.
  • To request needed prescription (RX) medication or refill.
  • For non-emergent medical questions/advice.
  • When seeking a second opinion.
  • When seeking advice about an existing condition.
  • For lab results or wellness panels.

This app will change the face of how moms deal with doctors. And the best thing: It’s HASSLE FREE! There are no hoops to jump through. Just call and get your problems solved over the phone.  24/7.

 What I love about TheCommDOC is that you can talk to a doctor ANYTIME. We all know that fevers spike in the heat of the night for kids. With TheCommDOC, members can talk with a doctor anytime about non-emergent medical conditions. This convenient and affordable virtual care service provides members immediate access to doctors via telephone, secure email, video, or mobile app.


  • Enroll using the Sign Up Form. Check out the FAQ’s to answer any answers or contact them for further help.
  • Learn about the new benefits; Click to Call, Health Library, System Checker, Health Risk Tools, Consult Center and more
  • Enjoy more time, relaxing, catching up on work and spending time with family.

TheCommDoc phoneCommon Conditions Treated

  • Cold/Flu
  • Sinus Infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Pediatrics
  • OB/GYN
  • Stomach Ache/Diarrhea
  • Eye/Ear Infections
  • Rash/Skin Irritation
  • Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Yeast Infection
  • And more….

And frankly these are the typical issues that moms run to the doctors for and sit in the doctor’s office for hours with their kids. For more information on what they offer visit: Member Support Staff is available to answer all of your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks, 365 days a year simply by calling 1-800-DOC-CONSULT (1-800-362-2667). Or visit TheCommDOC.com

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