How Torrei Hart Can Move on From Being the Bitter Ex

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How Torrei Hart Can Move on From Being the Bitter Ex

Last night I watched Entertainment Tonight and sat with my mouth wide open, jaw-dropped after hearing Kevin Hart’s Ex Torrei drop bombs about how much she’s wanted to punch out and pulverize Kevin’s newest boo-thang Eniko Parrish. I guess I was surprised because honestly I thought Kevin and Torrei were on good terms. I’ve seen pictures of them smiling happily with their kids during the holidays and from Kevin interview on Oprah it sounded like he and Torrei were in a good place.

They had us all cheering them on as a great example of good co-parenting.

But Torrei seemed pissed on ET and it was clear that she’s still not feeling Kevin’s new girlfriend even though she has no other choice but to tolerate her. Most of Torrei’s dismay for Eniko comes from the fact that she says Eniko is the woman Kevin cheated on her with. So it seems that the “mistress” took her position as queen in Kevin’s kingdom. (And we all know that hardly ever happens.) If this is true, it’s the reason Torrei still can’t stand the sight of Eniko knowing she was sleeping with her husband all the while they were married. And I’m sure it’s hard to come to terms with liking a woman who deliberately broke a marriage apart.

But here’s the thing: I’m not quite buying the goods Torrei is trying to sell.

Word on the street is that Kevin and Torrei’s marriage was falling apart way before Eniko came along. I’m not condoning Kevin’s cheating. He already admitted to that on Oprah. But if the marriage was irrevocably broken and Kevin fell out of love with Torrei, why dwell on the past, cry, whine and whimper over a relationship that was never going to be mended anyway? I don’t believe any woman can come and break up a marriage if that man is head over heels in love and committed to his relationship. So somewhere there was a breakdown where Kevin wasn’t feeling that marriage and there was a rift in it that allowed for him to be loved elsewhere. Shit happens.

Kevin-EnikoAnd with that said, I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. But what I do know is that Torrei needs to move on. Nothing comes of being pegged as a bitter black woman on national TV. Kevin Hart is one of the most loved comedians in the world. His actions, and his interactions with his fans has made him a lovable little giant among his millions of fans. I sure love the guy 🙂

KEVIN HART 009Trying to hurt him publicly only makes people hate Torrei even more. Why do that to yourself Torrei? And let me say this. Torrei seems like a sweet person. I met her a few weeks ago and she definitely comes off like a down-to-earth gal. 

Me and Torrei Hart

Me and Torrei Hart

But for the sake of your kids Torrei, keep your personal feelings about Kev and Eniko to yourself and off the airwaves. I’ve seen the kids with Kev and Eniko and they seem happy and well-adjusted. Why give the public media the power to aggravate and amplify the situation (just like I’m doing by writing this post.) Use your platform to be a positive example of a woman who is independent, self-assured and not hung up on how her ex let her down. We’ve all been there. But when you publicly try to tear down your ex you only tear yourself down in the process while he continues to rise above it. Why do that. No one knew you didn’t like Eniko. What did you GAIN by going on ET and telling the world that? I’m sure Eniko has made you mad. I don’t deny that. But rise up as a black woman in a position of power and with an attentive audience and show the world that no matter what hurt and pain we endure in the night, joy comes in the morning. God has blessed you with two beautiful kids, a stable income and endless opportunities that helped you land a role of a TV reality show. How you can move On.

  1. Don’t make your past your priority. Don’t using your past to define your presence. Find yourself by seeking a therapist, finding positive friends and maybe even date to find your someone special. (If you’re not already dating)
  2. Change your last name. Maybe keeping the last name Hart has you harboring ill feeling toward him. Revert to your maiden name as a new way to start anew!
  3. Don’t talk confrontational. Stop being the stereotype. Why does the black woman have to talk about punching the Asian woman in the face. That right there were just the ugliest words you could have said and you should have let that UNSAID. Leave Eniko’s name out of your mouth.
  4. Find spirituality. Go to church, console a pastor. Find time to pray and ask God to lift the burden that’s on your heart and help you to find love and acceptance for Kev and Eniko. YES Eniko. Kev will eventually marry this woman and you need to love her because YOUR KIDS DO!

I hope these tips help. You caused this mess and now what’s left is Kevin Hart has decided to speak out. Peep what he said on Twitter below.

kev hart screenshot

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