The “GlamMom” Gets to Know Her Grandbaby #AdventuresWithMadisyn

June 4, 2014 2 Comments »
The “GlamMom” Gets to Know Her Grandbaby #AdventuresWithMadisyn

Listen, I’m too young to be a grandmom, but definitely fab enough to be a GLAMMOM!

And my little Madisyn Abella, my first granddaughter, has made me just that! And for the next month or so I’ll be spending lots of time with my little Madisyn — getting to know her and she’ll be getting to know me!

IMG_20140530_102717And in just her first week she’s already assuming the Cincomom VIP life! She’s attended a red carpet premiere of the movie, Earth to Echo…


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IMG_20140602_171800Followed up by with a sugary sweet stop at Kilwin’s Atlanta station!


We’ve gone to the Fernbank Museum for an Earth to Echo Science Day, where Madisyn was fascinated over the Bee exhibit!

And went out to dinner at O’Charley, followed by a visit to Build-A-Bear for her first stuffed friend, a Hello Kitty she named Kayla (after her aunt Mikaela) IMG_20140603_152654

And this Friday we’ll be attending a Laser-light show at Stone Mountain, followed by several events over the weekend which culminates with a barbecue on Sunday. Madisyn is one busy baby!

See, I’m a new-age grandma. Ain’t gonna be no sitting in rocking chairs over here. This grandma has lots of get-up and go and me and Madisyn will be making the most of our time together with lots of activities and trips and lots of fun along the way.

IMG_20140530_145044 IMG_20140530_145411 IMG_20140530_145136 IMG_20140530_144942 IMG_20140530_144850IMG_20140530_144621IMG_20140530_145644I sure hope this will become a summer tradition where every year Madisyn takes a trip to see her GLAMMOM Kia in Georgia!

And getting to know Madisyn so far has been a joy. She’s super-duper smart: no surprise since my daughter Kaelani is a smart gal herself (and her glammom is quite the scholar too.) She’s a techy baby and navigates her InnoTab-3 with perfection. She uses a lot of big words and have a great command of language already. And she’s super sweet and kind with a bit of being a drama-mama all rolled up into a dainty little doll package.

So stay tuned for my #AdventuresWithMadisyn. It’s such a joy to be a grandmom to Madisyn. Parenting is SO much sweeter when you’re on this side of the fence. 🙂

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  1. ShaShaGlam Mom June 17, 2014 at 10:07 pm -

    CincoMom, I love your blog, its exciting and really shows how your beautiful children are enjoying their experiences. I have my first grandson Brendon Anthony and he is adorable, and every morning before I leave for work we listen to nursery songs and cartoons. This is special time for me to see him in the mornings, just for a few minutes but that time is priceless.

  2. cincomom June 18, 2014 at 3:21 pm -

    That is so sweet and precious Shari. It’s just so nice to be able to LOVE on our grandkids and then give them back! LOL But no, I’m really enjoying my grandbaby and this is her last week here. But I am grateful for the opportunity. Enjoy Brendon because as you know, they grow fast!