How Amazon Studios’ #Annedroids is Changing the Way Girls Rule the World

July 25, 2014 Comments Off on How Amazon Studios’ #Annedroids is Changing the Way Girls Rule the World
How Amazon Studios’ #Annedroids is Changing the Way Girls Rule the World

Queens may rule from their thrones in their castles while prissy princesses fantasize and fawn over a prince,  but not on Amazon’s watch. In the eye of Amazon, girls are smart, bold, brainy and well-equipped to make razor-sharp calculations, tinker with tools and construct Annedroids the size of a kingdom.

I got the chance to preview an amazing new live-action children’s show called Annedroids that centers around a young scientist named Anne. She lives in a junkyard and builds complex androids in her spare time. Along with her human friends, she completes scientific experiments and learns about the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Annedroids is Amazon Studios’ third original kids series, is aimed at children ages 4-7 and debuts today July 25th on Prime Instant Video.

I watched Annedroids with my 8-year-old Milan and it brought tears to my eyes when she looked at the character Anne on-screen and said with wonderment, “She built that?” referring to the huge Annedroid. Milan then asked, “Can I make one?”

Heart melt.

Milan asking if she can make an Annedroid is the statement of the year. Finally there is a show that celebrates diversity in more ways than one. Milan saw a girl building an Annedroid and she immediately wanted to do the same thing and didn’t feel inhibited or even question her ability to do so. No one was around to say something sexist like, “only boys can do that.

Annedroids2 Girls today are bombarded with so many over sexualized images and conflicting opinions in the media and society about who they are and what their value is.  It’s important during the transition from girlhood to womanhood that programs like Annedroids exist. Girls should be depicted as strong and inquisitive and capable of asking intelligent questions, exploring and discovering new things in a loving environment void of judgment! Amazon has hit a home run with Annedroids.

The series features a variety of diverse family structures (including single parent families and single sex parents) as well as a genderless android who is trying to find out what it could mean to be a “boy” or a “girl”. Annedroids definitely defies boundaries, breaks down barriers and starts conversation.

  • Annedroids is a science based-action adventure series that follows eleven-old genius and kid-scientist Anne, who has invented and built her own amazing androids, and her friends and kid assistants Nick and Shania. Together the kid trio make amazing scientific discoveries while undertaking the biggest experiment of all: growing up.
  • Annedroids was created by JJ Johnson. The talent behind the characters includes Addison Holley as ”Anne” and Adrianna Di Liello as her friend “Shania”.

And a spokesperson for the show said it’s an exciting, entertaining, and educational show for the whole family.

Annedroids, like all of Amazon’s children’s programs, is designed to develop creative thinking in children and has been tested to ensure they achieve this goal. Amazon’s goal is to inspire lifelong learners and provide children with the skills that will help them find personal and professional satisfaction in their future.
Earlier this summer, Amazon Studios released two additional children’s series: a stop-motion animated series encouraging creative scientific discovery called Tumble Leaf and an interactive art adventure for preschoolers called Creative Galaxy.

Will you watch?

Annedroids premieres today July 25th! Tune in and tell me what you think!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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