Shining Bright —Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Home

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Shining Bright —Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Home

Lighting has the power to completely change the character of a room, and to influence how well it serves its purpose. If you’re redecorating, you should give the lighting serious thought to ensure you get the right effect. From fixtures to light bulbs, here are some tips on which lights to use where. 

The kitchen

Good lighting can turn a kitchen into an enjoyable, attractive place to prepare food. When it comes to choosing the right fixtures, spotlights are a great option since they’ll illuminate work surfaces and appliances and provide much lighter spaces for food preparation. A dimmer function is also handy so that you can enjoy bright lights for chopping and low lights for dining or entertaining.

The dining room

A pendant light can be the best thing to have over the dining table, although you won’t want the light to be flat and glaring. The trick is to choose a lightshade that softens the glare of the bulb and distributes light attractively. Again, dimmer switches are a good idea so that you can create the right mood depending on the occasion.

The living room

Pendant lights also work well in the living room and ensure the space can be centrally and well lit when you need it to be. A lightshade could become one of the core features of the room and work with your design scheme. Shop around to find the right one and consider the options as much as you would your furniture and color schemes. As well as a central light, lamps allow you to create the right mood easier. Stylish lamps can work with the look and feel of the décor. You’ll also have the option to switch between up lighting and down lighting to set the mood. Wall lights provide similar advantages too.

The office

You’ll want the lighting to be good in any space where you work or read. You should also have some flexibility so you can direct the light at specific things for extra focus. This makes spotlights a great option for the office, since they can be swiveled in the fixture to point where you need them.

The right lighting can transform a space and make a big difference in your home. Visit showrooms and stores to hone in on the lights that you like and draw up a detailed lighting plan before you buy.

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