Exclusive: Dave Bautista Slays as Drax the Destroyer #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

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Exclusive: Dave Bautista Slays as Drax the Destroyer #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

Drax the Destroyer is all all muscle and all man fueled by a fire to avenge his family in the summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. And the man behind the muscle is WWE wrestler and mixed-martial artist turned actor Dave Bautista who is every bit humble and down-to-earth outside of his element–the wrestling ring. I got to meet Dave during a 4-day press trip to Los Angeles for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. And even though he’s got lots of fly kicks and moves in the ring, Dave says his MMA skills didn’t even help him when it came to making a motion picture.

IMG_3170854526694“It’s just so different from anything that I’d ever done, yeah. We had really good stunt guys and kinda relied on them for their advice, and they showed me how to do stuff, and I would do it. I’d mess it up and they’d say, well, try it this way if it’s easier. And I’d say no, I like the way you did it because it looks cool that way. So just show me how to do it that way, and I’d just do it and do it until I picked up on it.”

Q   :   Were you in makeup for hours at a time?

“Yeah, it typically took about four hours to apply and about an hour and a half to take off. But it varied. When we first started, it was longer to put it on; longer to take it off. But toward the end of the film, it was about three hours, actually, to put on- an hour to take off.”

 Q   :   Did makeup limit your movements at all?

A little bit, yeah, it did a little bit. Yeah, because there wasall the prosthetics, they were all glued on, you know, so it did limit me a little bit, but not tremendously. I mean, considering, you know, the visual and the makeup.” guardiansofthegalaxy539f4818b0d7fDave also said he was drawn to the role as Drax because it’s complex.

“It’s kinda multi-layered, so a character with a little bit of an emotional range, you know, which is something that I needed for my career, like, really bad because I think people have a certain perception of me leaving wrestling that they just saw me as that guy, and I’m really not that guy at all.”

Before the movie Dave said he wasn’t really familiar with the Guardians characters but he saw how important they are on a recent trip to Singapore when throngs of people came out to see the stars of the Guardians movie.

Q   :   What was your most memorable moment while filming?

“There was one day where,  James, I think for his own amusement decided to make, like, the whole cast and crew dance. It just, it was weird because there was the huge outdoor scene and, there must have been two hundred extras on set, and for some reason, it just turned into a, a big thing.

 “So there was the part where,  Star Lord was bent on- to distract Ronan, was doing a dance. Okay, so we were shooting that, and it was all those extras on set. So when we were shooting it, Chris started doing his thing, and then he, he pointed to Ronan, and Ronan started dancing  and I wasn’t aware of what was going on. I had no idea.

And I was watching him and I thought, okay, you know, that’s Lee. He’s messing around. But then he point back to Chris, and then Chris pointed- and so everyone’s dancing, and I was like, what the hell. And then I went, like, oh no. So Chris points to me, and I was like, god damn. So I did some big goofy dance and then I pointed back to him, and then James- I could hear James laughing, and he starts saying, uh, okay background- extras, start dancing, and literally, it turned into, like, three hundred people. And it was like, okay, crew, dance, and then get everybody just dancing, so it literally, it, like, turned into this big rave. It was hysterical.”

I can definitely tell this movie was fun to make and it evident because opening weekend Guardians of the Galaxy grossed a whopping $94-million this weekend — a record-setting August opening for a domestic debut. 

 Go see it!

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