Please Make a Donation and Help this Deserving Couple Have a Baby

September 27, 2014 Comments Off on Please Make a Donation and Help this Deserving Couple Have a Baby
Please Make a Donation and Help this Deserving Couple Have a Baby

Sarun Thornton is my sista from another mista!

She is a true friend who I’ve known for 13 years and met while teaching at Waring School in Philadelphia. Sarun and her husband Tommy have become very close friends to me and Rudy and we love and adore them. But through the years Sarun and Tommy have suffered great losses that began with Sarun’s stage 4 endometrial cancer. I will let Sarun’s story speak for itself below and ask that you PLEASE, PLEASE donate to her campaign to help her realize a precious dream of having a sweet baby one day. Sarun and Tommy deserve this and money should not stand in their way.

Please help them.

Thank you in advance.

Sarun’s story

Tommy and I met twenty-three years ago at a mixer held at my alma mater Beaver College, known now as Arcadia University.

We were inseparable since that time. Eventually we graduated, got married, developed our careers, and enjoyed our time together. Along this journey, we dreamed of adding children to our lives. However, we ran into obstacle after obstacle in trying to conceive a child. Ultimately, it was not meant for me to conceive a child of my own as I was diagnosed with stage 4-endometrial cancer.

In order to help preserve my ovaries, my oncologist performed a partial hysterectomy, which resulted in the removal of my uterus, but not my ovaries. All hopes of caring and carrying a baby of my own in my womb dashed out of the window. We were beyond devastated. However, we didn’t give up, we looked into surrogacy, and produced our own embryos.

The first attempt was unsuccessful due to my recent hysterectomy, and it resulted in the doctors retrieving only shells of the eggs (who knew humans could do that). We took a break after this heartbreak, and then tried again after allowing my body to heal from the last rounds of injections to my belly. This time I maintain my health, ate well, slept well, and let go of all the negativity in my life. I prayed and concentrated on producing healthy eggs. When it was time for the injections, Tommy played a huge part in motivating and encouraging my spirits when I couldn’t inject one more needle inside my belly. I would look at the bruise marks resting atop my hysterectomy scars, and I would cry. For a couple of minutes I pitied myself, wiped my tears away, and pulled enough strength to push that needle one more time into my belly. When I no longer had the strength in me anymore, Tommy would assist me with taking my shots.  He kissed me on the forehead, and gently injected me with the medication. He’s so gentle. He would pull my shirt down, kiss my forehead again, pull me into a bear hug, and whispered, ‘You are the strongest, bravest person I know. I love you.’ With that we were able to complete the cycle of medications. During this time, we would be at the doctor’s at least once a week for blood work, gynecological exams to see if eggs were produced, and more injections.

At the same time, I would also keep up with my oncology (cancer doctor) appointments to remain in remission. We were successful in producing four embryos. The battle was hard, well fought, but we prevailed at the end. You could hear me screaming in the house from two blocks away when I got the call from lab. The letter from the fertility clinic that informed us of how many embryos we have is framed in our house. Currently, we are working with an agency in trying to find a gestational carrier for our babies. The breakdown of the cost is outstanding, but we are determined to see our dream all the way. Here is the site from our agency, The asking fee for a surrogate is between $10,000 and $15,000, more money than most people have. We were able to round up enough money for the agency, but not the surrogate’s fee. Yet another obstacle is before us. We are asking for any amount of donations that your heart can spare that could help us raise the money that we need. We’ve come so far but so far to go and with your help we can cross the finish line. Please help Tommy and I make our dream come true. Love, Tommy and Sarun



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