Get Ready to See My Mikaela in Madeline’s Christmas @HorizonTheatre!

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Get Ready to See My Mikaela in Madeline’s Christmas @HorizonTheatre!

There are 12 little reasons why you should see Madeline’s Christmas this December at the Horizon Theatre.

Madelines logoFor one, there are 12 little girls who walk in two straight lines who live in a house that’s covered with vines! And I’m pretty your children would be awed seeing this whimsical, live stageplay in action with a crop of talented kid actors singing and dancing and performing their little hearts out on stage.

But whatever the reason, I want you to know that this year’s production of Madeline’s Christmas is a must-see for many reasons but for me it’s extra special because my daughter Mikaela was cast as Kate!

066MikaelaFlyerYou all know Mikaela, my happy-go-lucky super funny 10-year-old who is a true drama-mama! Several months ago Mikaela auditioned for Madeline and received a callback! She auditioned again and Mikaela made the cut along with 23 other girls who will make up two casts of Madeline’s Christmas which will run through the month of December at Horizon Theatre.

Due to popular demand, Horizon Theatre in partnership with the Atlanta Children’s Theatre has been producing this show annually for the past seven years. Twenty-four girls have been cast in this magical holiday story from renowned author Ludwig Bemelmans. The musical is told through the eyes of twelve young girls who have fallen ill to the flu, all except for the littlest: Madeline. On Christmas Eve, Madeline receives a gift from an unexpected visitor that leads to an enchanting adventure and life lessons of compassion and family values for audiences of all ages.

A critical learning tool for youth development, Horizon’s Family Series is proven to foster creativity, develop critical thinking, and enhance social skills and academic performance among children of all ages.

And this past weekend, all the talented little dolls donned in their red coats, marched in the Little five Points Halloween Parade! It was super fun and Mikaela truly felt like a little star.

157206096083I am so proud of Mikaela and honored that Mikaela is a part of this wonderful production which is directed and led by Spring Mason. Spring has over 30 years professional theatre experience: acting, directing and teaching – including teaching/chairing the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program in Drama and working with Atlanta theatres such as Horizon Theatre, Academy Theatre, Young Audiences, Art Within and Theatre Gael. She has taught and directed hundreds of children, youth and adults and is passionate about bringing high-quality, affordable actor training and theatrical performance experiences to Georgia children and families.  

Being in Madeline is a top-notch experience for the girls chosen and truly a big deal. This training is comparable to what they would prepare for if they were in a Broadway play! I have to whisk across town every Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening so Mikaela can get to rehearsal. And as the play gets closer to its debut, the rehearsals become even more frequent. This production is for kids who are serious about working.

181This is Mikaela’s second stageplay. her first one was back in March for the play Breathe. This is Mikaela is action.

mikaela 3 I truly want everyone and I mean EVERYONE to come out and see Mikaela perform in Madeline’s Christmas. But not only to see my awesome kid, but this is a really cute family friendly production that is truly a holiday treat!

“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines,” begins the story of Madeline. This holiday season will be unlike any other for Madeline and her friends. While on their morning walk with Miss Clavel, the girls come down with the flu, and as they take to their bed, many wonder if they will be able to go home for Christmas. With the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Madeline and the other girls get a holiday adventure beyond their wildest dreams. A musical play adapted from Ludwig Bemelmans’ delightful book.

madelinesMarchAnd check out the pics from the Little Five Points parade! It was quite an eclectic crew and they flooded the streets looking for Halloween treats while they watched the spectacular parade.

146 139 135 148133 131067Go Mikaela!

So here’s the deal: I’m waiting to receive word from Horizon on which time Mikaela will perform since there will be two performances on a given day. Once I know that I will inform you all on which tickets to purchase to see Mikaela in the show. And please tweet me or let me know if you plan on attending!

For more info visit

And stay tuned because I will be giving away a few tickets as well!

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