Being Baymax! My Voiceover Experience #BigHero6Event

November 14, 2014 Comments Off on Being Baymax! My Voiceover Experience #BigHero6Event
Being Baymax! My Voiceover Experience #BigHero6Event

I was in the studio, not busting a rhyme, but instead I got a chance to be BAYMAX! You know, the big, huggable, ba-la-la-la-la-ing nurse bot from the hit movie Big Hero 6.

This was one of the cool things I got to do during the Big Hero 6 press Event in Los Angeles Nov 2-5th along with 24 other bloggers.

If I ever had a dream of being a voice-over artist, then my dream was realized with Disney! We got to settle in the studio, read a short script and act out a scene as Baymax just like the pros did and in the same studio where Big Hero 6 and Disney’s most formidable movies (like Frozen) were voiced. 

Here’s the real video of when Hiro meets Baymax

Now here is my version

This was a lot of fun. I play a robot very well! Thank you to the Walt Disney company for allowing me to bask in this experience of being Baymax!

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I was invited to Los Angeles for an all-expense paid Big Hero 6 press trip. All opinions are mine. 

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