Cool Toys for your child’s Disney Infinity 2.0 and Big Hero 6 Wishlist! #BigHero6Event

November 24, 2014 Comments Off on Cool Toys for your child’s Disney Infinity 2.0 and Big Hero 6 Wishlist! #BigHero6Event
Cool Toys for your child’s Disney Infinity 2.0 and Big Hero 6 Wishlist! #BigHero6Event

A boy and his toy shall never part. At least not in my house.

DSC_0081My son Jojo is head over heels over Bandai’s new Big Hero 6 toys! The movie is playing everywhere in theaters and Jojo is already enjoying the Deluxe Flying Baymax, BEFORE Christmas! It’s a massive toy towering at 11″ inches with a soaring 18-inch wingspan!

DSC_0065Features of the Flying Baymax include:

  • 20 points of articulation
  • Multiple Lights and Sounds
  • Baymax comes with a 4.5″ Hiro Hamada figure which is attached to Baymax’s back and unlocks additional flying sounds that varies depending on whether Baymax is flying up, or down. $39.99


Another Big Hero 6 toy I viewed while visiting LA for the Big Hero 6 event was the Baymax Rocket Fist and Mask Role Play Combo Pack and this toy is a hit in my home.

My daughter Milan seems fearless with the fist, especially since she can squeeze the trigger and the fist shoots out and pummels her little brother. Toys like this remind me of my childhood. There’s nothing like a good toy to get your siblings chasing each other all over the home!

DSC_0071Features of the Baymax Rocket Fist Include:

  • Easy reloading
  • Launch up to 10 feet in distance
  • Soft material on the fist makes it safe and fun to play. $19.99


The Big Hero 6 toys are just as loveable as Baymax. 

BH6-Baymax-Hiro-imageTwo words: BLACK FRIDAY! Grab your Big Hero 6 toys because I am sure they will be hard to come by, HOT Holiday Toys!


Disney Infinity 2.0

I also got to preview Disney Infinity 2.0 toys while in LA.

What you need to know about the new enhanced toy box:

  • Players can create and share their levels and mini games with family and friends.
  • The Creator tool makes building your worlds faster and easier.
  • Toy box Game Discs offer pre-made, structured, franchise-themed games to play.
  • All Disney Infinity figures (even the older ones) are compatible on 2.0 and work across platforms so kids can play at their friend’s house regardless of what game console they have.


The Toy Box also allows you to create entire worlds, called toy boxes, with characters, props, buildings, landscapes, and mini-games. The 2.0 upgrade provides more tools to enrich your toy boxes even more. You can also customize building interiors now and connect your toy boxes with those of friends. And believe it or not. I learned that if you become a super pro at building worlds, Disney Infinity could reach out to and offer you a job. Not saying it will happen, but I learned it HAS happened several times!

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Thank you to Disney for gifting me with Big Hero 6 toys, but all opinions are mine.

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