FEAST your eyes on this during Big Hero 6! #BigHero6Event

November 20, 2014 Comments Off on FEAST your eyes on this during Big Hero 6! #BigHero6Event
FEAST your eyes on this during Big Hero 6!  #BigHero6Event

Wouldn’t you agree that food is the one friend that doesn’t let us down? Food comforts us in our time of need. It soothes our soul. Eliminates hunger. And gives us a feeling of satisfaction that is addictive!

There is a short movie that is shown at the beginning of Big Hero 6 and it’s called FEAST. The short is a delicious delight and features the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.  Winston is an adorable Boston Terrier who shares many different types of food with his owner, such as French fries and pasta.  However, Winston’s delicious bouquet of delectable bites starts to change when his owner gets a girlfriend and she instead introduces healthier foods into the mix.

I got a chance to talk with the Feast director Patrick Osborne and the Producer Kristina Reed during the Disney #BigHero6Event

Inspiration for the movie came from when Director Patrick Osborne was helping his friend test an app called 1 Second Everyday by Caesar Kurlyama. Patrick created a video of dinners during 2012 and when edited down it was about a six minute video. He says that you can learn so much about your life just through dinners.


Feast Director Patrick Osborne


Feast Producer Kristina Reed

Patrick pitched the short and wanted to tell a story about a family and their meals through different times in their life. He thought it was important to add a dog and how they relate to the family and their patterns.

What I learned during the interview:

  • The dog in the short is based on a Boston Terrier. Patrick wanted to make the dog fairly simple, yet beautiful and needed a breed of dog with two tones. And there hasn’t been a Boston Terrier in Disney movies thus far!
  • The process to complete the short was just a little bit over a year. They used a software called Meander to give the look of hand drawn animation. The software will allow the animator to draw on top of CG information and uses the motion of the CG to do the in-between drawings. The software was invented during the movie THE PRINCES AND THE FROG and used on the Oscar winning short PAPERMAN.
  • The team on the short is interesting because the key roles such as Producer, Story and Director are set from the start. There were about seven of the same artists on the project at all times.
  • The food in the short was basic food such as spaghetti, nachos, waffles and meals that were easily recognizable on screen.

Sounds yummy to me!

Fun Facts about Feast:

 ~Winston is the first Boston Terrier featured in a Disney movie.

 ~The town in Feast is based on a college town called Oxford, Ohio.

 ~ It took 53 weeks from start of production to Feast’s premiere.

~ It took a team of around 7 key people plus lots of other people worked on Feast a little.

 ~Feast was created while other Disney movies were being made (such as Big Hero 6).  The people responsible for making Feast were also working on other bigger movie projects as well so production of Feast was worked around people being available to work on it.

~Feast showcases how a dog relates to it’s owner based on patterns in how he/she feeds it.

 ~All food in Feast was meant to look iconic so it was obvious within a second or two what food it was.

 ~Feast Fridays- Every Friday the crew of the movie would be gathered together to go over what was done during the week and one food from short would be served such as a waffle bar, carrots and humus, etc.

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Thank you to Disney/ABC for the invite to Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 Event. All opinions are mine.

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